Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I've been looking into refinancing the house and rolling in the second mortgage. I don't think at this point it's something that we are going to do, though. I've crunched some of the numbers and it looks like it would end up saving us about $100 a month. But here's my dilemma, it would cost almost $5000 to do it. So it would take almost 4 years to pay it back. I really need some feed back on this one. We are at 6.25% now. We have really good FICO scores, right around 800. We are also 7 years into our current loan. And on top of that we have been paying it down for years. We are making about 2 extra payments to the principle a year. I figure we have under 14 years left on the mortgage if we continue making extra payments. I just hate the thought of giving away $5000. And this was with our current mortgage company. Our mortgage is with Washington Mutual so we would be getting it through Chase, same difference at this point. We could just put the money that we would be saving onto the loan but I'm having a hard time getting past $5000. I'm at a loss, please any helpful ideas would be appreciated!
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