Thursday, March 5, 2009

Saving some $ for our FL trip

I'm really happy! This should help cut down on the expenses a little when we go to FL in October. On super bowl Sunday, my MIL and I entered in the drawing for the free week passes to Universal Studios. The first 100,000 people (I think) were given tickets and we got them. We were trying to decide if we were going to go to Universal or to MGM. And Universal made the decision for me! Cool Beans! And since Den's birthday is October 13th, we planned our trip to Disney World on that day. If you sign up, you get in free for the day. Too bad all of our birthdays weren't on the same day. The woman that just had octuplets should go to Disney World on their birthday.
And I'm not sure yet but I think that we are going to drive. It would be a lot cheaper, even with the 4 extra hotel rooms and the food. I keep looking for really good flights and I still can't beat driving. According to map quest, its 19.5 hours and 1219 miles from our house to the mouse's house. And we could stop in KY to see my SIL. She is due to have her 1st child in April. Yea I'm going to be an aunt. But nothing is set in stone, if I can find a good deal on a flight it would be so much easier. This is our last family trip so I'm not willing to give it up. I know when Anna gets into college there will be no way to pay for a trip and school. So this is our last hurrah. If an you have an idea on how to cut costs, I'm all mouse ears.
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