Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tax Return

I know that your not supposed to overpay on your taxes but we always do. It's just easier for us to get a decent chunk back. Our budget is so tight that it helps pay for some of the extras. This year it looks like we are getting $1525 back from Federal and $469 from State. We are going to use the money to pay for our trip to FL and for Christmas. We already have $900 saved for FL so I'll take $1600 and finishing paying for that. The remaining $394 will go into the Christmas fund. So that only leaves us needing $706 for Christmas. Hopefully I'll have that funded before December. I really hate when I have to scramble around for money at the last moment. Or worse, having to pay it in January. All I can do is keep plugging away at it.
Next year we won't be eligible for the child credit for Anna. We will get a deduction for a dependent but not for a child deduction. But we knew this and when Den got a small raise in October, he put it all into his federal with holdings. So we should get about the same next year. Fingers crossed. Next year that money will probably be used for college expenses.
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