Thursday, April 23, 2009

Anna's new paint job

Here are some of the before and after pictures of Anna's car. It's a 1999 Lumina. It had a few problems but for the most part it was in really good shape besides, the couple places of rust, the flaking paint and the long dents down the passenger doors. Maybe it wasn't in as good of shape as I thought. Anyways, the dents were from when Anna went to a friend's house. I told her not to park on the road because a lot of cars get side swiped. So what happened because of my good advise. The mother of her friend, hit Anna's car while it was parked. They were having a rough time financially and its an older car so we said forget about fixing it. I just did the best I could with some touch up paint.

The picture below is of a rust spot just behind the passenger's rear wheel. And so you know that hole is the exact size of my pointer finger. I poked it to see how bad it was and my finger went right threw it.

And another picture of the hole I poked in the metal.
And Tada....Here are the after pictures.

And you can't even tell that the two doors had been hit.

See, no more finger hole. Anna was not happy with me when I did that. And what you can't see in the pictures is that Den added metallic powder to the paint so it's sparkly.
So for a total of $243, Anna gets a new paint job. I just hope that we don't have to put anymore money into this car anytime soon!
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