Thursday, April 2, 2009

Christmas Shopping

I think I'm pretty close to being done Christmas shopping! Sort of!
Right after Christmas, I went and bought 10 little Christmas houses. They light up and all that fun stuff. We give these out to neighbors and relatives. They were marked down to $5 each. So I have quite a bit done. My Gift closet is filling up quite nicely.
Every year right after Christmas and through out the year, I search online for different gifts that I think everyone would like and then I bookmark them and save them in a Christmas file. I always check for good deals on line and when I think that I can't get it any cheaper, I buy it. So far I have about $460 in the Christmas fund. It's nice to know that if I find a bargain, I can get it and not have it cut into our monthly budget. I've been looking at a couple of really pretty necklaces for my SIL, Cindy. Kohls keeps marking them down and with all the coupon codes, I'm getting close to buying a couple of fun pieces. The more organized I am, the more I enjoy the holidays. I would love to be done shopping again before Thanksgiving.
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