Monday, April 20, 2009

Health Conscious or Broke?

I have a plan! Usually when I say this, something very funny and then very painful happens but not this time. Here's the story......
I was driving DJ to Karate the other night and we were having the same argument that we always have. He was complaining that Karate was too hard, it was painful (he got punched in the nose by a girl and she was a purple belt) and he didn't think that I should force exercise on him. And then his most beloved of all the gripes that I use his money from his savings account to make him miserable. So my response every week is, its not too hard, block and you won't get hit, we all need exercise(as I pop more of his Easter candy into my mouth, just kidding, I, of course, waited until he got out of the car) and I reminded him that if I hadn't been saving his money since he was little, he wouldn't have a savings account. Anyways, as I mindlessly argued with the boy, I passed a man walking down the street. My guess is he was heading to the stores a good 4-5 miles from where he was. That was a long walk! I felt sorry for him knowing that he must be having a hard time financially if he had to walk that far. He was dressed in gym shoes, a long trench-like coat, blue jeans and a baseball hat. He looked put together but still I couldn't help but pity him. So we continued on our way and we continued to argue. A few more miles down the road, I saw a jogger running down the road. He was running in sweats, a t-shirt, old gym shoes and a reflective vest. I didn't feel sorry for him even though he was dressed quite shabbily. And then it dawned on me, the only difference between looking poor and looking like a health nut was the vest. So for about $25, we could all dress in old sweats and look like we were health conscious instead of having money problems. The sweats would be a lot more comfortable and we could hide all of our money woes behind the shiny vest. What do you think? Wanna join me? I just don't know how I would come across when I'm in the store with a reflective vest on and stuffing my kids candy in my mouth(don't ask about the diet). Just a thought.
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