Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Old Socks

This is a little tip for reusing old socks. When I just can't get any more life out of our socks, I throw them in the bucket with all of our car cleaning supplies. We just slip one on our hands and clean out the wheel wells of the car. Or I wipe down the inside of the car with a little cleaner on it. They are great too for wiping the wax off of the cars. I hate cleaning and washing the cars and this makes it just a smidge easier. The four of us do this terrible job a few times a year. For the most part we get along but this chore usually brings out the worst in us and we end up in a family fight. It's one of the few times where it becomes every man for himself. All of us are petty and grouchy when we have to do this. Just being honest. All of the houses are so close around here that I know our neighbors hear us.
We have gone to the local car wash a couple of times but weren't happy with the end result. I just see it as a waste. We pay all that money and come home and touch it up. When I'm old and hopefully have a little more money maybe I'll try one of those full service places that cleans your car from top to bottom. Until then I'll just dream about having someone else do this hateful chore.
Anyways, this started out as a car cleaning tip. Or I could wind the sock up and crack it like a towel at my family members. Maybe use it as a whip? See there is a silver lining.
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