Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cleaning the Carpets

I'm just going to start this post by saying, "We are all responsible for our own actions. If you try one of the things that I have suggested, it's at your own risk. I'm not qualified to instruct a fart!" And you have been warned!
I found a really good way to clean the carpets. I got out a really old stain this way and it didn't discolor the carpets. If I were you and you wanted to try this tip (*refer back to the opening statement), I would test it in the corner or under the couch and see if it discolors it. Anyways, I got an old white wash cloth (colored towels seem to bleed) and scrubbed it with hydrogen peroxide. That's it! It was gone when it dried. And our lovely cat, that I like to refer to as Vomit VonShits, got sick all over the carpet. It was a lovely orange stain that was in the shape of a crooked penis at the foot of the stairs. Some might have seen it as art and others of us saw it as a disgusting bright orange stain on the light tan carpet. Den wants to only buy cat food that matches the carpet so when he pukes it will match but he has had no luck. The good news is I did get the penis stain out completely with the hydrogen peroxide. I'm thinking about mixing it with water and dish soap and trying it out in the carpet cleaner. If I do I'll let you know. Who knew vomit stains could be sexual? Only I would see that!
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