Monday, May 25, 2009

I won something!!

I won something! I very rarely win anything and usually it comes back to bite me in the butt. I'm just not a lucky person except for today! I won $10 from N.Y.C. makeup. And I did something I very rarely do, I spent it all on myself. They even paid me $.25 to take it. WOW, now I see why all the people get such a rush from shopping. I know I sound like a complainer but I live in the land of scrooge run businesses. Walmart will only price match Menards, what is that? But today they took the coupons and didn't even call the manager over. One time I had manufactures coupons and they wouldn't take them. And that was the manager that vetoed them. One cashier went so far as to pull ever item that had been bagged out just to make sure that I wasn't "stealing." I swear I'm an ass magnet. And yes, I complained to everyone and it got me no where. So if you ever are having a bad day and need some where to vent, call the Antioch, IL Walmart (847) 838-2148. Just kidding, sort of. Anyways, they rocked today! I'm a happy camper covered in makeup.
This is the story as to why I'm always a little leery of winning anything. And on with another SonyaAnn disaster..........
I entered a poster contest at Abbott lab. when I was 8. My dad and grandmother worked there so they talked me into coming up with their new safety slogan. I made a poster and put a boat on it. Then I had the idea that it needed a fishing hook to go with the boat. And yes, I ran the hook threw the tip of my finger. And I was lucky enough not to bleed on the poster. Needless to say, I won. WOW I won a brand new Schwinn bike. It was the best day of my 8 year old life. We got it home and then I realized that I couldn’t ride it. But being the determined little person that I was I set out to learn right then. My parents and grandparents went in the house to celebrate my victory with a cup of coffee and left me to “learn”. I decided that my best plan of action was to try and learn to ride on the gravel road because it looked softer than the hard driveway(here is where you want to groan). So I walked it onto the road, jumped on and pedaled like there no tomorrow. How hard could it be just push the pedals down with your feet? And that's where the problems began. Just when I got some momentum going I was promptly attacked by a swarm of bees. The good news is I had some momentum going and the bad news is I had some momentum going. I some how managed to fly over the handle bars and came to a sliding halt on my face. I learned a valuable lesson that day. Gravel was not soft. And just to add insult to injury the extremely heavy and well built 70's metal bike came crashing down on top of me. So I ended up in the Dr.’s office. Who would of guessed it? The Dr. and 3 nurses were desperately trying to hold me down so they could pick gravel out of my lip with tweezers and what I thought was a tooth pick. Ahh yes modern medicine in the 70’s. It really didn’t look like a lip at that point, it was more like hamburger. Who knew that an 8 year old could so fiercely defend herself against so many adults? I was one of the toughest scrappers they had ever come across. Ultimate fighters could have learned a trick or two from me that day. I pushed, shoved and mercilessly pinched any and I mean any skin that I can in contact with. Many a tit was twisted that day.They eventual got tired of the brutal beating that I was handing out and said there was no more they could do for me. And for all of my 8 year old efforts, I still have the tiniest piece of gravel in my lip. I have to say they really did a very good job and I don’ have a scar just if I push on my lip I can feel it. And if I smile real wide without lipstick on you can see a tiny white bump. Thank goodness for N.Y.C. cuz I now have lip gloss to cover my rock.
I did eventually learn to ride a bike but it took a few months for me to work up the courage to get back on. And needless to say, my family wasn’t real jazzed on having me learn. The first day with my grand prize and I about killed myself. That's pretty much the theme song of my life.
And the moral of my story is sometimes I can’t tell the good news from the bad. But I did learn that kids need training wheels and both of my kids first bikes had them.
So to me winning stuff is a little scary!
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