Monday, May 11, 2009

Less Chipped Window

Just in case you missed it Den chipped the window in the Focus! So he sort of fixed it. He went to Napa and he knows a few of the guys so he gets a dealer discount! Ya, Napa! Anyways, he asked Den if he wanted the chip filler that doesn't work or the one that really doesn't work. So Den asked for one that works and he just started laughing. Anyways, filling it doesn't work real well. The roads here are always such a mess because of the extreme weather, all the cars take a beating when they hit the pot holes. So the filler will help for a while but will eventually get weak from the jiggling and will start cracking. So our problem is we are broke. I know that its hard to believe and that you would never have guessed it but YES it's true. So Den bought the chip filler that doesn't work for $12.83. So this is just a temporary fix but we will see how long we get out of it. But the guy at Napa knows a guy that does windows and thinks he can get one for about $100. I love the "fell off the back of the truck" specials. Nothing like a hot window to make everything better. So we will see how long the filler will hold and when it cracks again, I'll be back complaining like hell! (Who knew)
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