Monday, May 4, 2009

Our Game Room

We live in a crappy little tri-level. Its about 25 years old and is always in need of some help. So when we moved in, the downstairs was only partially finished. Half was finished for a rec room and the back half was just a tiny, yucky bathroom, a hideous laundry room and then just an area that hadn't been finished. We did the best we could and drywalled and put in a drop ceiling. But it never was right. So last year we saved up and Den went to work on adding a game room. The problem is the room is 10x10 and very cramped for everything that we wanted. So Den came up with a plan. He built a table into the wall. Well before the table was built I said, "God that drop ceiling looks like crap!" And he wasn't real happy but he ripped it out and hung drywall(complaining a lot). We had planned $450 for the room but we hit $550(that was my fault). I don't know if you want to include the couch, I didn't because it was a Christmas gift from my in laws. So that was $200 if you want to count it. And my MIL, Donna, sewed a cover for the couch and all the curtains and pillows. She rocks! But I didn't count that in the $550, either. And this was the first home improvement project that I didn't help with. I was so sick with my thyroid that I just couldn't do it. But he managed. So this is Den with the "table." He made it look like a door so it would fit with the theme of the room.

This is the door finished. The legs screw on and off.

This is the table finished and the room decorated with all of Den's swords and stuff. The cubes are for sitting on at the table and for storage.

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