Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Swine Flu

See what I get for making a joke about the Swine Flu. We just got a letter and a call from the school, saying that there probable case of ‘Swine Flu’ (Influenza H1N1) at the school next door to DJ's. I bet we had it when we were sick last weekend. We had all of the symptoms.
This is the letter just in case you are wondering what your district will do.

Message sent -

May 6, 2009

Dear Parent or Guardian,

We have a probable case of ‘Swine Flu’ (Influenza H1N1) reported at
Petty School. We are following directions from the Centers for Disease Control, the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Lake County Health Department. The recommendations do not include closing a school.

The classrooms and bus where the infected child was present have been given an extra cleaning (beyond the normal sanitizing that is being completed under the current circumstances.)

District 34 staff members continue to follow the local, state, and national guidelines for the flu. The district is also taking additional safeguards (e.g. requiring students’ frequent hand washing during the day, additional cleaning of the school buildings and other precautionary measures.) Below are the recommendations from the CDC:
· Students, faculty or staff with influenza-like illness (fever with a cough or sore throat) should stay home and not attend school or go into the community except to seek medical care for at least 7 days even if symptoms resolve sooner. WHEN CALLING A CHILD IN FOR ABSENCE, PLEASE INDICATE THE REASON.
· Students, faculty and staff who are still sick 7 days after they become ill should continue to stay home from school until at least 24 hours after symptoms have resolved.
· Students, faculty and staff who appear to have an influenza-like illness at arrival or become ill during the school day should be isolated promptly in a room separate from other students and sent home.
· Parents and guardians should monitor their school-aged children, and faculty and staff should self-monitor every morning for symptoms of influenza-like illness.
· Ill students should not attend alternative child care or congregate in settings outside of school.
· Students, faculty and staff should stringently follow sanitary measures to reduce the spread of influenza, including covering their nose and mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing (or coughing or sneezing into their sleeve if a tissue isn't available), frequently washing hands with soap and water, or using hand sanitizer if hand washing with soap and water is not possible.
As noted in the aforementioned recommendations, CDC guidance now focuses upon ways to identify ill students and to keep those students away from the general school population until they are no longer infectious. Clearly, basic sanitary measures are also an important part of limiting the spread of the disease. For additional information regarding the H1N1 influenza outbreak, please visit .

We are hopeful this flu will not be a significant issue in our area, but the District is prepared to act quickly if the CDC and the local departments of health direct us to specific actions.

Thanks for stopping by and learning about my infected life! At least you can't catch this virus from the computer.
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