Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Good vibes only

All it seems like I'm doing lately is pouring my heart out here. This has turned into a confessional with a little naughty talk thrown in for good measure. It's weird how I'll tell you everything but in the "real" world I'm much more careful with how I blab. I do have a few very close friends that I tell everything too but here I'm more open about everything. Poor you. Anyways, I just wanted to tell you about what is going on with me. I have quite a few health problems. It's not enough to kill me but enough that there are times that I wish it would. I've been sick most of my life. When I was a kid, I was so thin that I had to go in to get shots. They all yelled at me for not eating enough but I was. And then I had a heart murmur and a valve that didn't close right. Then just to top it off, I was hypoglycemic. So fast forward a lot of years and two kids. I still have all of those problems just add on anemia, asthma, thyroid disease, gall bladder disease, chronic infections and my liver is always a mess even though I don't drink. Weird. And of course, I get the doctors that aren't real bright. I feel pretty bad most of the time. We have very expensive insurance that no one wants to take. I get a lot of "that test would be a waste of resources." So basically I fought for every test that I've ever gotten. And a few times when I couldn't get anywhere, I paid and had my own blood work done. I've done every kind of holistic diet and/or experiment on myself known to man. I just want to feel better. And my favorite, diagnosis from the doctor is depression. They shout it out like they have Tourette's syndrome. Three doctors have diagnosed this without even one drop of blood. It's great, I'm going to start shouting things out at them next time. And if you can think of any creative words just let me know, I'm leaning towards fucktard for my next visit. Anyways, when I finally do get blood work its always my thyroid and anemia. But nothing they do helps so I'm on to a new thing and I'll let you know. I went to Hult clinic in McHenry IL. It's a little odd but at this point what is one more test. They did a complete physical which is something that I have never had done. I filled out paper work that took almost two hours. It went over everything. Even things that I've never thought of. And then(here's the weird part) they ran an electrical current through me(kind a sexy). I've been saying that all of this has got to be related. But that always falls on deaf ears. Dr. Hult was so attentive and actually wanted to help me. If nothing else, for the first time I felt like someone wanted to see me better. Anyways, he ran an electrical current through me(still sexy) and hooked me up to a computer. So at this point he is either so far ahead of the curve it's insane or I was being took. What he was doing was individualizing a treatment plan for me. And here is the weird part, he said that I had no iodine in my system, my gall bladder wasn't working, there was no folic acid in my system and that my adrenal gland and thyroid wasn't working. Weird and when I went home and looked up the symptoms of each one, I had the most common symptoms of each one. He said that if I had had complete blood work all of this would have come up. But because it cost $1000+ for the work up that I needed it was easier just to blame me and say that I was depressed. So typical. Here is the problem, it is going to cost $130 a month to pay for all the meds. So I'm going to try it for two months and see what happens. I can say that I think I'm on the up swing but I'm not going to jump the gun. He uses all alternative medicine so we will see what happens. And what ever this is my sister has it too. He also asked if cancer was common in my family especially in the women. Well, yes, my sister had Hodgkin's, and a lot of uterine cancer and he said that it might be from the lack of folic acid. He was telling me about my problems just by reading going over the computer info. And the computer ran like a diagnostic for a car. It was so weird!!!
So I'm hopeful that I will be feeling better soon. It's been a long time of this. And I would love just to get back into soccer or some kind of activity. So I'll keep you posted. And no sympathy for me I don;t do well with that or compliments,I'm still a strange bird. Just send me good vibes!
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