Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm an ass!!

Please forgive me for I have sinned yet again. I have not forgotten you all, I'm just having some problems but nothing major, well for me anyways.
First, the kids are off. It's amazing how much time they want. Jeez, it's like I have to take care of them or something!
Secondly, Anna left for OH today. So I had to drive her to O'Hare in all that damn construction. And why the hell are they still charging tolls, they really should be paying us to drive in that mess. Anyways, I'm a little better with it. She is going to be staying only with her Grandmother and her cousin. So I'm almost alright. Almost. And thank you for all of your kind words and pulling me through that little break down! Lots of Love!!
And lastly, we had a bunch of our dear friends flood this weekend. We were blessed not to take on any water but quite a few people were not so lucky. This neighborhood is known for flooding and even though we are on a hill we have flooded with sewage in the past. Yuck! So this time it was just rain water for the most part but still quite a few families have lost a lot. We did our best to help so that's another of my excuses. Our dear friend's Donna and Steve(Donna, leave a comment you stalker!!!) flooded. Donna's parents are here from England and they went out to eat and were trapped on I-94 for hours while their house flooded. So we went over and did the best we could but they did lose their carpet. My family and and my in laws were all going to their house for a get together the next day so we changed it to our house. And then I found out that so many people were dealing with the flooding and tearing their houses apart that I invited quite a few of them over. So we had a lot of people over. We canceled our Father's Day and used all of that food for everyone. It was a ton of work and we were all tired but I think that it definitely helped lift every one's spirits. Well that and all the alcohol, it's still me after all.
Oh and Anna had tennis camp in there too!!
So please forgive me for not answering and coming to spend time with you at your blogs. I will get caught up soon so please don't leave me. I'm just a little slow and it's alright to agree!
Lots of love,

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