Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Let's talk about.....

I bet you were hoping that I would say SEX! I know me too! But alas it's not a really good sex story. CRAP! It's a little more of a sensitive subject than that. I bet your wheels are turning now. It's about monetizing the blogs. It's a touchy subject because we aren't supposed to talk about money. And I'm really not trying to get you to click on my links.(sounds naughty ;-}) I love to write and I have been blogging about nine months. And I know that all of you that have blogs do it for the love of it too. It's a nice little rush when someone comes to visit and has a kind word for you. And we agree that we will continue to do it out of love. But let's just admit that we wouldn't mind making a few bucks doing this either. So my question is what am I doing wrong? Are you having any luck? I'm making about $.03 a week. And I'm not kidding. Like I said it's for the love not money but still $.03 is almost insulting. So if anyone has any ideas for me, please leave a comment. If you have seen something on other blogs that caught your eye please let me know. Some of my favorite sites that are doing well aren't the most eye appealing. I have read quite a few articles on making your blog more successful and some say that its the set up, others link placement, others say its the background. I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas. And please be kind, I'm being honest and open. It would be nice to make a few extra dollars. And I know that some might suggest that I invest some money in the blog and hire a professional but it is me we are talking about.
Thanks for reading ,being kind and leaving a comment,

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