Monday, June 1, 2009

Life lesson gone with the economy

Well, I don't really know what to do about this one so I'll just complain to you. Anna has been looking for a job for the summer. Mind you she is waiting until right before schools lets out so it doesn't interfere with finals. So this might be aggravating the problem. But school work will always come first. Anyways, she is like so many of her friends and can't find anything. Even Six Flags in Gurnee has had the pick of the littler this year. Anna's teenage friend's were complaining that they were competing against adults with their degrees to sweep the grounds at the park. I understand that its the economy. And if I were in the position to hire someone, I too, would be more likely to hire someone that was desperately trying to support their family over a teenager. It's just so sad that she may miss out on a valuable life lesson. I believe that she needs to have a good work ethic to make it in this world. And how many of the teenagers today won't have a job until after they get out of college if they can get one. I know this recession won't last forever but it might last long enough that our kids won't get to experience all that comes with a first job. The discipline it takes, dealing with coworkers crap and the joy of cashing your first check. Anna is still cleaning her Great-Grandfather's house every weekend for $25 but she also has quite a few bills. She has to pay for her parking permit at school($80), her insurance($114 a month), any dances, $250 for the year for sports, $200(ish) for sports camps and of course fun money. So it is looking like she will be short this year. I wish I had it to give her but we don't and I think that it builds character if you can take care of yourself. Most of her friend's that do have little jobs got them because their parents knew someone. And unfortunately, we are pretty low on the totem pole. So I have been trying to come up with an ideas for her. Her grandmother is coming up with a list of extra chores for a few bucks. I said to advertise with flyers in her retirement community for help around the house. We are asking around to see if anyone needs a sitter. She is still going to canvas the mall to try and come up with a job. But if you have any ideas of how she could make a job for herself, I would be so grateful!
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