Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our FL disagreement

Everyone knows how cheap I am. I like to call it frugal but in the end I just don't want to spend money if I don't have to. But something might be going on with me. It might be a mental episode or something. I could possibly be having a break down, I'm a little askeered. ;-p! But Den and I have actually flipped sides. I want to spend and he wants to save. He has always been the spender. I don't know if our marriage can handle this. I'm just a little freaked out. As you all know we are planning a trip to Florida in October. Why October? Because it's cheaper and less crowded. Go figure. Den's birthday is in October and since Disney is graciously giving you a ticket on your birthday that just sealed the deal. And I bet you are looking for the place where I have fallen off of my frugal wagon. Alright then here it is...... I want to fly and Den wants to drive. Gasp! We only have nine days total four of which would be spent driving. It's about 22 hours from our house to the mouse's house. When I was a kid we would drive and I hated it. Den only went once and they drove. The longest trip we have ever driven is to Alabama and that was when my dad died. We left at like 4am and got there about 10pm. But I don't really remember the trip and it was just a hard time. He said he didn't think that it was that bad of a drive and there are three of us to drive. He is right(chest pains) we would save quite a bit and we would get to explore more but we would have less time in Florida. We have about $2300 set aside for this trip. This is our last family vacation because Anna will be starting college next summer and we will really be broke then. I say go out with style and he is saying to save money. I figure airline tickets are about $175 per person. But if we drive my guess is gas will cost around $400. It would be nice to have a car to go and explore but I don't know. Any ideas?
I just hope this trip turns out better than our KY trip!
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