Monday, June 15, 2009

Packed and Ready

Well this is us packed and ready to go on our trip to Kentucky. We are traveling light this trip. Ha! Well, it's obvious that we didn't go. We were supposed to leave last Friday but we are still here. And here goes another story.......
My sister in law(that should pretty much explain it all) decided to rearrange our trip for us. Her and my BIL do very well for themselves and we are broke. I should just stop there because you pretty much got the whole picture. But it's me and I can't shut up. Their son is a couple of months now and we were going to go down for a cheap visit. My in laws let us use their time share and we were going to precook all of our food and bring it with since the condo had a kitchen. We were only going to need gas money and money to take them out to dinner. So we more than had it covered with the $500 we saved. The original plan was for us to spend the weekend with them. One day at their house and one day at the condo enjoying the pool and any other amenities. And then we were going to go during the week to Six Flags( it would be free because we got passes for Christmas) since they had to work and the baby was in day care. Then we were going to go to their house before they got home and have dinner waiting for them and spend more time together. I thought this would be a fun and frugal(my favorite word) trip. But it just wasn't meant to be. They live in an upper, upper middle class neighborhood and. So basically everyone is one upping each other and we REALLY don't fit in. So then my SIL said she would take an extra day off just to hang out. OK that's cool we would get an extra day with the baby and we could just check out all the shops and what not. Then her husband took off and she took another day off. And then we were going to a baseball game, the horse track, fishing, a bourbon tour, and last but not least spending time exploring a really neat cemetery. Because all of those things would be so much more enjoyable to two teenagers than Six Flags. So in the end, we were going to have to spend our FL fund to get to do what they wanted. The kids didn't want to give up our Disney trip in October to spend time at a cemetery. Needless to say, it was a few fun days here. In the end, they overspent our budget. And to answer your question, yes I told her six times that we didn't think we could swing it financially and that we would just stick to the original plans. And the answer to that was well the bourbon tour and the cemetery are free. Do what I do and just plaster a smile on your face and shake your head. The bourbon tour might have been fun for me but I probably would have loosened up enough to speak my mind. Scary.
So here we sit for the week. We are going to try a staycation. I'll let you know how that goes. So if I don't respond right away it's because we are trying to get along in the house instead of the car.
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