Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pictures of the yard

This is our house. We just about have the yard together so I thought I'd show it to you. So when I complain you will have a better idea of what I'm talking about. So this is our house, the gray tri-level that I'm always talking about.
This is just a closer look at the flowers under the front windows and the front stoop. We are in need of a new welcome mat but the dollar store was out so I'm going to try again sometime this week. I'm so not paying more that a few bucks for something to wipe out feet on.

This is my little garden right out the back door. If you look at the bottom corner of the garden you can even see my green onions that I wrote about.

This is the flower garden behind the house. And there is even a water fountain in there. Den and I bought it on clearance in October for our Anniversary. It was $200 marked down to $40. See I practice what I preach.

This is a little better shot of it.

Our little park bench next to the garage. It's pretty much like everything else we own, it's well worn but works.

This is Anna's playhouse from when she was little. I still decorate. I know that I should give it away but I'm not ready to let go of it yet. It just seems to belong here. I've gotten rid of pretty much everthing that isn't a necessity but I just don't feel like I need to let this go.

This is the back of the house from the deck.

This is our dangerous and very fun pool. Den and I replaced the old pool and deck a few years ago. That was a major project. And just after we finished it and spent all of our money, the roof started leaking! But of course, would you expect anything else from me.

And this last one is of the slide, it came with the house and is still standing. It's probably 25 years old so I figure that it will collapse when I try and use it!
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