Monday, June 22, 2009


Well, I'm here to report back on our staycation. DJ loved it. Anna said it was alright. Den shrugged. And I didn't feel it. We decided that it would be fun if we all picked one thing for us to do as a family. DJ chose to go shopping. He wanted a day at the mall. So we did something that we have never done in the kids entire lives. We took $250 and just blew it. Anna, Den, and I bought clothes that we desperately needed and DJ bought a video game and a holster for his air soft gun(boys!). Anna and I went to Plato's closet. It's a used clothing store that only buys designer clothes. And it was fun and something that we don't get to do. Anna wanted to go to the drive in for her pick. So we packed a cooler and lots of candy and went during the week. That was nice because it was so empty. We figured that cost about $40. Den wanted to take the kids fishing and Anna was the only one that caught anything. I stayed home, Ya free time! So the fishing licenses, a couple of new lures and bait cost $53. And I chose Six Flags. We went Thursday night. We got there around 5p.m. and it was really, really empty. I don't know if this was because it was supposed to rain or because they just filed for bankruptcy. It was really strange. None of us have ever seen it that dead. I'm wondering if people aren't going because they are afraid that the service isn't going to be there or if no one wants to invest in a seasons pass because of fear that they will close. Or it could just have been a fluke. But if you are planning on going, Thursday night seems to be a winner. The only thing that they changed and it was quite sneaky was that if you leave after 7p.m. you can't get back in. Not even with a seasons pass. So basically what that means is you can't leave for dinner and come back. Sneaky Bastards. So, of course, it was only 7pm and we didn't want to end our fun so we stayed and ate pizza. My evening cost $30. So next time we will eat around 5:30-6pm so we won't have to pay for dinner.
So it seems like we had fun and we did in all fairness. But here a few draw backs from the whole staycation. The house will still get messed up. And since everyone is on "vacation" no one but mom wants to clean. And the chores that usually take most of the day have to get done a lot quicker so that the afternoon was free to do fun stuff. So I was running around like crazy. Everyone in the end did pitch in but it was not a happy time. The other problem is we tried to cram too many things into one week. These are all things that we would have done just spread out. It was a bit too much in one week. Don't get me wrong it was fun but hectic.
So I'm not sure if our vacation ever gets ruined again, if I'm up for a staycation. If we do try this again, I think I would just let each of the kids pick something and leave it at that. Because if I get to chose it will be taking a nap and/or cleaning. I'm sure that will go over real well with the crew.
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