Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tribal Name

This is my dog, Jessie. Her tribal name is Oozing Nipple. I love her but she is gross! She has some kind of odd skin affliction. We have spent $100's of dollars on trying to get it fixed. I say hundreds because I honestly don't know. So you know it's bad if I stopped keeping track of it. What happens is she gets little bumps on her. They kind of look like mosquito bites and then they split open and ooze. Gross I know. So the vet has put her on every kind of pill known to man and she might be making up some crap at this point. It acts like an allergy but no allergy medication helps. And then she itches so bad that she chewed her nipple off. Great, it just keeps getting better. At one point, she was so medicated that she turned to look at me with stoned eyes and then just peed all over the carpet. She took a few steps and then fell over. So that was the point that we stopped with all of the pills and started trying to find our own "cure." The only thing that has helped at all is this spray that a Vietnamese vet came up with. It might also be a meat tenderizer. You take an empty spray bottle and add 2 cups of Hydrogen peroxide, 2 Tablespoons of Borax and top it off with water. I know it sounds harsh but all the oozing has stopped as long as I do it every day. And it will clean a carpet and a counter top like nothing you can imagine. One day my carpets or dog may melt. And I cut myself and used the spray and it wasn't bad at all. It didn't hurt and it didn't get infected. Den was laughing that I was like the Dad off of My big fat Greek wedding that kept spraying windex on everyone. So please don't send me hate mail, we have been fighting this for at least a year and a half and this is the best she has been. If you have any ideas what this is, I would love your help.
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