Monday, June 8, 2009

What the Hell is wrong with you?

What the Hell is wrong with you? That has to be the phrase that is muttered by about everyone in my life. I've come to accept it and I'm having a shirt made. I don't do things like I'm supposed to. I can't fit in and I don't play well with others. And this post is going to be one of those things that comes back to bite me in the buttock. So if you get upset easy or you are a tattle-tail just leave(said with love and admiration). I'm going to post this and then take it down after a couple of days. And your thinking, "Why would you do that, chicken shit? If you have something to say than say it and don't back down!" And I agree with you but there is a little thing called the law and most times it gets in my way. As with any on going investigation, your not allowed to talk about. And the little light goes on. And me being me I'm going to talk about it! Once again, this is the beginning of me getting into more trouble. So if it seems slightly vague, I legally have to protect the aggressor because the bitch is innocent until proven guilty! Be prepared for some cussing.
Anyways, on with another psycho SonyaAnn story.........
A few weeks ago, Den and I went grocery shopping after he got home from work. No problems! So we unloaded and got the kids in bed. We stayed up for a little while and then went to bed. No sex(boo) just sleep. So I woke up to the phone ringing at about 1am. And like everyone reading this, you just panic cuz you know someone is dead. So I answer it and some guy asks for my husband saying that he is an old friend. So I wake up Den and lean in bad breath and all to listen.
The guy then tells Den. **** Pause in the story, please if you really get upset easily stop reading, all kidding aside. I think the world of you all and I don't want to upset you. If you read past this point it all on you.**** So the guy tells Den that he is coming for him. He is going to break in our house with all of his "boys" they are going to hold him down and f*** him. And then they are going to continue to hold him down while they rape his wife Sonya and force him to watch. Then he is going to get his daughter Anna and rape her in front of him and next he will rape his son DJ. And he used all of our names and then rattled off our address. In my life, I have never felt the fear that I felt right then. It was one thing to threaten us but it goes right threw you when they say terrible things about your kids. He then said that he wanted his parents phone number and address. If his parents didn't give them money they were coming for all of us. And they wanted $40,000. I mean really who the hell has that kind of money in there house. So at this point, I'm jumping up and down and telling him to hang up. Den keeps shushing me and starts asking him questions. And I have no idea how the hell you could be that calm when someone is threatening your kids. I have to be honest, I would have threatened him right back! And the guy actually gave Den his number. He was that bold. It was a prepay cell so it can't be traced. Den kept talking to him and the guy said he was just out of jail. Great! Finally when Den didn't think he could get any more out of him, he hung up. And then we called the police. They were great. The guy even called back and talked to the police officer. Balls! And threatened the cop. He has no fear. In the end, he called back 25 times. So you are probably wondering why us? Well my MIL's sister is a drug addict and a prostitute. It looks like she hooked up with this guy and they are trying to get drug money. My in laws changed their numbers and moved and we were the only ones they could find. My husband's aunt gave this guy all of our info. And since they are drifters, no one can find them. Just flipping perfect. This was a few weeks ago and luckily they haven't showed up here. But I can't help but worry. We did have one scary moment. I was getting the kids ready for school and this beater car pulled into the driveway all the way even with the house. And that is about two+ car lengths. When people turn around in our driveway they always just pull in enough to turn around and then leave. They didn't, they pulled in and stopped. So in all of my wisdom and stealth abilities, I start yelling get on the floor, get on the floor! Anna hit the floor in the kitchen and I grabbed DJ by the face and threw him on the floor. And then the driver looked around and then in our front window and then left. I'm not sure what was going on. I think that they were at the wrong house. But I still don't know. And I have to say that I'm quite strong when I have to be. DJ flew and bounced! In the end we called it out practice run. Fun times are always had by all here!
So that's what has been going on here. No one can find them and we feel like sitting ducks. My karma is a mess. I make cookies for everyone at Christmas, I'm not a terrible person. But I had to go to both schools and tell them that someone wanted to f*** my husband up the@$$. Lovely! Both of the kids had police escort at school for a while. So being sensitive parents, we of course told the kids but left a lot out. They were both concerned that they would be sexually assaulted. Rightfully so. To make them feel better I told them that the guy would probably be so worn out after Den that they would be fine. I never thought I would see the day that I would have to be worried about Dennis being raped! Only me. Some bloggers have to make crap up for their blogs, not me I just have to answer the phone.
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