Monday, July 27, 2009

More Human Experimentation

It's a good thing that I'm not an actual doctor because only God knows what I would actually do to people. But this time I used myself as a Guinea pig. Last time it was the poor dog which I would like to report she is doing well. We still marinate her skin in vinegar and/or mouth wash often. We are aiming for a Blackberry Mint Vinegar sauce. Anyways, this time it was my turn. I hurried up and cleaned up the inside of the house and headed out to pull weeds. Not very exciting but I would soon change that. As I was just getting in the front yard, I kicked a bee. Way to be Pele! And I got stung, of course. I have to give the bee credit, I could never imagine being that accurate with my ass end but he pulled it off and I hobbled into the house. It was great because the little shit hit a nerve and that was a pain I had never experienced before. So way to go for the ass end of the bee. The pain ran down the top of my foot and stopped dead center on the bottom. It was very odd. And it swelled just for good measure. The only good thing was the stinger didn't stay in so I didn't have to pull it out. So as I was running my foot under cold water, I remembered the email that my mother in law sent me. It was a home remedy sort of email. It said to put a penny on a bee sting. So I washed a penny in anti-bacterial soap and taped it to my foot. Nothing like tape and 97.5 percent zinc and 2.5 percent copper to cure what ails you. And it worked in under 3 minutes! Just leave it there for a few hours. Don't be stupid like me and "test" it by taking it off, yes it's working and if you take it off you have to start all over again. Human Experimentation makes me happy.
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