Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Project

These are pictures of DJ's room. He has had a car themed room since he was a baby. We redid it once to make it a little older but it was always cars. Anna's room we have redone 7 times and we have lived here 14 years. So DJ is due and I'm never doing Anna's room again! I say that now but I'm sure she could talk us into redoing her room. We have painted her room so many times that I swear the room is shrinking. On time, it took 7 coats of paint to cover her pink walls. They are spoiled a little and I've always felt that they should be able to do their rooms any way they want. One time Anna had a wall painted with glow in the dark paint(yellowish color) and then we threw pink, light purple and dark purple on top of it. It was fun.

-->We lofted the bed so that he would have more room since his room is only about 10x10.
-->We are going to keep his dressers and give the chest to Anna for storage.

-->And this will be the theme for his next room. He loves airsoft guns and all things that are military. So we went to the Army surplus store to get a few really "cool" things for decorations.

The small ammo box will be for decoration and the other two boxes will be for storage and seating. All we need now is a Ghillie suit and some camouflage netting. I really am crazy but I figure that they will always remember it. Den keeps saying that we shouldn't make it so easy on them because they will never want to leave. But I bet when this is all done Den will be hanging out in DJ's room quite a bit.
This is going to take a while but I promise to keep you posted!
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