Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our Poor Dog

Please don't leave me hateful comments after this post. We love our dog but there are truly times when realize maybe we shouldn't be left in charge of living things. Our poor dog is on her last leg, literally! Her skin is improving a lot. Thanks to Frances' suggestion of washing her with vinegar, she is showing improvement. Her hair is still falling out but we love her and bald will always be sexy. So here is where our problems started. She had two spots between her toes on both of her hind feet. We didn't know about them and when Den gave her a bath they started to hurt her. We both thought that she hurt her hip when she slipped in the shower. So I gave her some aspirin in a bit of lunch meat. And it seemed to help. So throughout the day, I gave her more aspirin when she seemed to be in pain. Perfectly acceptable or so I thought. But she was still hobbling later in the day and that was when I saw the blood on the floor. She had sores between her toes on both of her hind feet. So the kids and I cleaned them out and put neosporen on them and wrapped her feet in gauze. Which lasted a total of 30 seconds. So we fixed it again and ended up wrapping the gauze in duct tape so she couldn't chew it off. But then she acted as if her front feet were bothering her. Poor thing on top of it all now her nails seemed to be giving her problems. So when Den got home I told him the whole story and asked if he would trim her nails. He said he didn't think it was a good idea and he said just to leave her alone. But I so wanted to help her that he gave in. Help, that was the key word! So he started by trimming her front paw. And of course, she moved and he clipped it too short. She bled like a hemophiliac because of all of the aspirin. I remembered the tip the vet said and he stopped the bleeding with a drop of super glue. Yes, this hurts because I tried it on myself(another crazy SonyaAnn story) but she didn't even flinch. She was probably just fed up with us at that point. But it stopped bleeding right away. So I made it up to her with lots of treats. So my poor pitiful dog was being held together with duct tape and super glue for a while. But I would like to report that she is all better and her paws didn't fall off. Only in my house do crazy things like this happen. We started off by trying to help her and it just spiralled out of control. Oh and just an FYI, in the ER they use super glue to close some cuts. I tried this on myself. And just so you know if you slice your finger wide open, don't put super glue directly into the cut because it will just burn like hell and not help. You will only have bloody super glue running down your hand and it will dry and stick and you will look like something out of a horror flick. You are supposed to put it on the edge of the wound and pinch it closed! That works much better. See another helpful hint learned in another slight crisis.
Thanks for reading and forgiving my stupidity,

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