Monday, July 20, 2009

Vulcan Hair

For legality purposes, I would like to state that this post may or may not be about a certain person in this house. I was told that I would be contacted by a certain person's lawyer if I told everyone that said person's hair turned green. So this may or may not be about a person in this house. But I can state that I got this wonderful tip from my dear friend Donna C. And her husband Steve has his own blog so if you want to pop over there that wouldn't suck!
Anyways, a certain person that I will call "Hanna" that may or may not live here had green hair. And that was caused from a pool that we might have. This same thing happened last year to poor "Hanna" and we tried everything to unVulcan her hair. Even the expensive shampoo made to remove the green didn't work. So Donna C. said that her kid''s hair turned green and ketchup took it right out.

Don't comb it in because it will just splatter. Work it in with your fingers making sure to get it extra thick on the green parts.
Then wrap in a plastic bag and let simmer for 20 minutes. And then rinse and wash as normal.
We spent the 20 minutes making up new nick names for "Hanna". Corn dog was our favorite.
Thanks for reading,
PS this worked much better than any shampoo that we have tried but it might take two times. It really depends on how Vulcan your hair is. And this is going to dry it out so be prepared with the conditioner!

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