Thursday, August 13, 2009

Den's Little Business

Wouldn't be nice if we could all have our dream jobs? I would write all day and get paid for it. And Den would be a chef. He worked in a French restaurant for a few years when he was in high school. So we both kind of know what we are doing but at this point for both of us writing and cooking is just a hobby. But at least, we are still pursuing our dream just on a very small scale. Anyways, we are always on the look out to make an extra dollar. So he started making muffins for people at work. He is charging a $1 a muffin which I think is way too much. But he keeps saying that the ingredients alone are almost $.50 so he is right on track. They have 200 calories each so they are going over real well with the dieters. And Den said that gourmet bakeries sell muffins for $2-$4 a piece. I still think its high but they are selling well. It takes him a few hours to make a couple dozen so he is probably right about the price. I'd post the recipe but I think that it might be a trade secret. But here is something really close.
Anyways, if you are looking to make some extra cash, this is a thought. I think I might have another cleaning job so that will help too. I'm still feeling pretty good so I think I'm up to the challenge. And Anna is still working at the clothing store. It will be nice for all of us not to have the budget down to the wire. And it will be nice to have some fun money.
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