Monday, August 24, 2009

Making more work for us!

So this is a picture of the new carpet meeting up with our old carpet in DJ's doorway. The new carpet is great so nice and fluffy. The old carpet is old, worn, and flat. The new carpet and freshly redone room is making the rest of the house look like crap. And we can all see where this is headed.
This time we didn't order though Empire like we did for the rest of the house, we went through Home Depot. They both have their good points and their weaknesses. Empire will install your carpet the next day and they have always been true to their word. So its nice to only have your house torn up for a day or two. The problem is they are more expensive for a lower grade of carpet. Home Depot is cheaper and you get a better grade of carpet for your money but it takes them forever. You order the carpet from the store and then another company takes over and you have to deal with them. They were very professional but they drag it out. They call, then send someone out to measure, then call to tell you they will call when your carpet is in. Then they call and tell you it is in. Then they have to call back when they can set up a time to install it. It took two weeks to finally get it installed and a ton of calls. The guys that installed it were very professional and polite so that earned them a ton of points. So over all I would have to say that I would use Home Depot again. It was more of a pain but DJ's carpet will last a lot longer because we were able to upgrade. So I guess that money once again wins out over my time and a messy house. The only problem is DJ's room is making the rest of the house look run down. I think I will just keep his door closed until we can get new carpet for the hall. And maybe paint and maybe get new trim and maybe...........
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