Monday, August 31, 2009

My bet

So I think that I'm going to lose my bet with Den. Yeah, I'm losing! I've been kind of slow to report back on this one because I really didn't know if this would help him. A few weeks ago we went to the WI state fair. It was fun and because I'm feeling better I was able to walk it for hours. As with any fair, it's nothing more than fried food, oddly dressed individuals, and an infomercial rolled into one. And we were sucked in. But it worked out in our favor, when have you ever heard me say that! We were in the main building just checking out all of the neat things for sale and we found a booth selling electronic cigarettes. And it was Den that wanted to stop and listen. I usually keep a safe distance and just look without being close enough to feel pressured to buy. Or getting sucked into the vortex of the sales pitch. But who would have guessed that I would have been the one pushing for the sale. Now mind you, I told Den it was up to him. And I could tell as we stood there listening to the pitch that he was contemplating his future, the suffering of quitting and wondering if he was going to end up like his grandparents with emphysema. So we bit. It was $110 for the "fake" cigarette. Clutching my chest, I watched Den charge it. But I still thought that it was a good idea if he would use it.
The white part is a battery(the tip even lights up when you use it) and the butt has water and nicotine with some flavor in it. Instead of going for a smoke, he goes for a steam. And it seems to be working! The butts are $2 each and he is going through about one a day so it is half as much as smoking and it won't do any damage to his lungs. But the deal was that he completely quits. He said that he is going to be completely weened by the end of the year. As with every other small detail in my life, I'll keep you posted.
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