Monday, August 3, 2009

Sort of Fixed

Alright, I think I have it figured out. Sort of! I'm not even getting into the fact that the woman is suing us for an accident that did NO damage to her car. Or the fact that the officer gave her a ticket and not Anna. Which in all fairness ANNA caused and should be punished for. I tried to point that out to the officer that she is to be held accountable for her actions. Which earned me a very weird look from the officer and the death glare from my husband. What? I know shut the hell up but still it is all her fault. The officer said that dealing with the woman that Anna hit would be punishment enough.
So anyways, the insurance company totaled the car. It was only worth $2441 but with the new paint job and the transmission it was worth quite a bit more to us. So the insurance company let us buy our car back from them. So we ended up with $1806.44 after they deducted everything. So then I just had to ask, "Well are you still going to insure a totaled car?" I know I should just shut up but I can't. And sure enough they will. Which I respond with, "well why would you want to do that. Isn't it totaled?" I know I get a lot of SHUT THE HELL ups. But I guess Illinois is one of the few states where the title is still clean even after you total it and you don't need an inspection to keep driving it. So again I continue with the stupid questions, "Why would you pay me and insure my totaled car?" I often get a lot of silence with people. So trying to help her I say, "What if the car isn't safe? Can you imagine what kind of cars people are driving?" Silence. So I finally followed her lead and shut my hole.
So Den took 2 days off and worked on the car. He bought parts from the junk yard for $316. The bumper that we thought needed to be replaced was just scratched and a magic eraser took off all of the scuffs. Who knew? So it has on little crack under the emblem that you can't see unless you are laying on the ground. So all we needed was a hood, two head lights and a new locking mechanism. And the hood was even white. And the kicker is if Den hadn't painted it, it would match but since he put a "glitter" in the paint, it made it a creamy white. So they don't match exactly but I really don't care. I thought she deserved and orange and green hood. So Den is going to use the left over money and buy the tools to start painting cars. He said he has the feeling that we may need to paint it a few times. I hope not.
If it's cloudy out, you can barely tell the difference.

I'm so glad that one small part of this problem is fixed. I asked our agent and he said that he thinks our insurance will be going up about 15%. So the extra $36 a month is now Anna's problem. And remember how she was having trouble finding a job. Well, two days after this she got a call back from one of the places she submitted an application to and was hired! Seems like someone was looking out for her!
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