Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What is wrong with people?

And this is going to be a small rant. Anna got a job at a clothing store. So she can now pay for the increase in our car insurance and it will help keep her even more busy. Between needing to stay on the honor roll, tennis, basketball, track, cleaning her great grandfather's house and work, I think she should have plenty to do. So anywho, she got a job at a mall that is about a hour from our house. The reason that she had to go so far from home was because there really isn't anything around here. Most of the part time jobs, you need to know someone to get hired. And trust me, we looked. The clothing store has been pretty good about giving her enough hours in one shift so its not a complete waste of gas and her time. We are going to fill her car twice a month and beyond that she can put gas in it or push(lovingly said). The only problem is you have to drive all the way out there to find out your schedule, they don't want you to call. UGH! So it will waste 2 gallons of gas and over 2 hours of her time that she really needs for homework. Being me, I want to get involved and "fix" this. My fixing it would probably be to point out how stupid this is so I'm staying out of it. (I wonder how long she would keep her job if I help her?) I need to learn that I don't have to control everything. The only thing that I have asked is that she adds her work schedule to our main calendar so all of our plans mesh. But I've found that I'm having a slight problem of letting go. I have always done everything and now she really doesn't need me as much so it feels kind of odd. As you all know, I'm a tad bit bossy but I think it comes with the territory. I can't even imagine the chaos if no one was in charge.
Anyways, back to my rant. The manager doesn't want to girls to call in because there are over 30 employees at the store and she doesn't want to be on the phone all day. This I understand but why not post it on the Internet or something? I suggested that Anna talk to one of the girls that lives close to the mall and have her call with her schedule. And then just take her out to lunch or give her a couple of bucks every so often. Why not do things that make sense? But I should just shut up and let her figure it out. So is this a rant about her job or me?
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