Monday, September 7, 2009


This is our cat, Hairy. He was a stray that somehow managed to con his way into our home. DJ is really a softy when it comes to cats and he adores him. And I think that Hairy adores him right back. Hairy is odd, has a weight problem, and is on the naughty side so he fits right in. He loves to aggravate DJ in the middle of the night. If DJ leaves his door open at night, the cat will pounce on his head and then run off. I find this quite funny but DJ says that on the third or fourth time it's not funny any more. I guess it depends on if you are on the receiving end or not.
I, sort of, named poor Hairy. When he first started coming around our house, we would set out food but he would take off if we tried to pet him. After some time, he warmed up to us and let us pet him. I called DJ outside and we all sat on the stoop petting him and getting to know him. As he was twisting and rubbing up against me, DJ asked if he was a boy or a girl. I glanced over and took a peek. It's a boy, I told him. And then he asked, are you sure? Ummm yeah, I know the difference. Once again DJ asks if its a boy. So I reply, yes its a boy, I'm looking at his Hairy balls right now. Like I've been saying all along, it's very classy in our house.
Last night, I was walking around cleaning up and DJ called out that something was wrong with the cat. Great, the dog is being held together with duct tape and super glue, what kind of surgery am I going to have to perform today. I'm sure that I could do something with a paper clip and a gum wrapper, I'm kind of like MacGyver in a make shift ER. So I call out, what's wrong with the cat? He's flirting with me, DJ said with a giggle. Flirting? So I walk into my bedroom and sure enough the cat is winking at DJ. I had to laugh because the cat turned to look at me and winked too. What can I say we are both that sexy! I was able to get the hair out of the cat's eye without super glue or any retinal scaring.
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