Thursday, September 3, 2009

I may have lost!!!

Den went 3 days without a "real" cigarette. He is still "steaming" with the electronic cigarette. But we are still celebrating it as a win! In the picture, it pretty much looks like the Brady bunch and the Manson family threw a party. Sweet on top and evil on the bottom(naughty thought). I was laughing so hard when I bought the decoration. And I even got him some magic cards and got 2 pizzas from Walmart. We were living high on the hog that night. I'm such a dork.

A lot of times, I'm too embarrassed to let people in our house because of something like this. I stammer a bit and try to reassure them that we aren't weird. But with you all, I let it all hang out. I pity you.

I thought the toxic sign was really funny. He loved it and the fact that I went to all the trouble for him. I still catch him looking at me with evil in his eyes once in a while because he wants a cigarette but for the most part he has been pretty good. He only told Anna that if he ever heard the radio in her car that loud again he would rip it out and DJ got in trouble for being a klutz. So nothing to far out of the norm and he hasn't tried to dismember us. Life is good!
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