Thursday, September 10, 2009

Plans for next year

I've been thinking(whenever I say that Den groans) I should plant a big garden next year. Ever since my little garden started growing in cement, I've decided to expand. This is a picture of our yard behind the pool. I took the picture in the morning but it does get quite a bit of sun in the afternoon so I think this will be a good spot. Each of the fence panels are 6 feet so I think that we(meaning Den) will probably just make it 12 feet across and I'm not sure how far out we will go. The only problem is we have a small pet cemetery in the far corner. And I'm not alright with disturbing them. Have you seen Poltergeist and Pet Cemetery? Have any ideas how to fix this with out any ghostly problems? We really don't have anywhere else to put it so its not in the way. Our yard is laid out in three sections and this area is the only place that it wouldn't look odd. I'm sure we(all of us not Den) can come up with a plan.
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