Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Falling off the frugal wagon(just a little)

I need to get my butt back in gear. Here I am trying to cut every corner I can to save a dollar and I think that I might just be spending everything I save and then some. On to my confession..............
Forgive me for I have been sinning for a while, at least a month. I have faithfully line dried all of our clothes for years. Really years. In the winter I hang the clothes over the closet doors and in my closet I have two thick wooden shelves over our doors and I put nails in them and hang our towels from there. But I haven't been very good about it lately. I of course hang all of our clothes that could shrink but beyond that I have been using the dryer. I think that with the kids going back to school and the fact that it hasn't been dry, I've just slacked off. I hang everything in the summer but that season is gone and it is so damp that if I hang it in the house or outside it takes a few days to dry. I do about 3 loads of clothes a day so if it's not dry by the next day I have no where to hang the new stuff. I'm sure that I could save time and money if I could find a way to just cut down on the laundry but I'm a neat freak. We all have issues. I could wrap us in plastic wrap and just windex us off but I think that might get us in trouble for indecent exposure. I don't think that we are that comfortable naked. I know I wouldn't want to see us naked.
Maybe being able to save money is about letting go of our excuses. As my grandmother would say, "You better straighten up!". Maybe I should think about that the next time I try to make excuses as to why I can't save any money. Maybe I should also apply the same thinking to my diet.HAHA! One major issue at a time.
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