Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I have an idea

God save us all when I mutter those words! Can you take frugal too far? I'm thinking no but we shall see. As you know, we are going to FL soon. My original plan was to take two suitcases and just cram everything in there. The flaw to this plan was pointed out by dearest DJ. Where were all of the souvenirs going to go? Fine, we can bring three cases and I'll just gripe a bit, fine a lot! My clothes are bunking with Anna's clothes. Her and I fight about everything else in this world but when we pack for a trip, we are united. The boys are messy and we are neat and tidy with our clothes. And everything the boys have should fit in their suitcase. So on the way down there, there won't be much in one case. So I was thinking tons of snacks, the things that we never get. You know, cereal bowls, expensive granola and everything else that I deny my family because of the cost. Is that crazy? These are the things that kill our budget every time we travel. We have no self control when we have to stop and just grab a snack. But I will be paying $15 to bring a piece of luggage full of food to FL. I mean they do have food there and we could just bring less clothes and I could do more laundry. That would save space for the souvenirs. I also had a another idea, our luggage fits inside of each other. What if I put everything in one of the smaller pieces and then put it in the bigger piece. Would that cause a problem? As long as it doesn't go over the weight limit, what would it hurt? And I would only have to pay for three pieces on the way back. Any ideas? But I have to say that I think this is a good problem to have.
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