Friday, October 16, 2009

Last Excerpt

I still miss you all!
This is the last excerpt from Dissipate.

Tom is the grocery store manager and Linda and Christine's boss.
Gerald Jr is the grocery store owner.

“Just give me a quarter,” Linda said.
Christine opened her purse and pulled out her change purse. She located
a quarter and held it out for Linda. She never looked her in the eye.
“I’m sick of you,” Linda said and yanked the quarter out of her hand.
Linda walked over to the pay phone next to the front doors of the grocery
store. She dropped the quarter in and punched in the numbers angrily.
“Why do I get stuck with all the terrible jobs?” Linda said very quietly to
Christine as she listened to the phone ring.
“Hey, I cleaned your house,” Christine shot back.
Linda gave Christine a dirty look.
“Hello?” A weak man’s voice answered.
“Hello, Mr. Smith. Could I please speak to Gerald Jr.?” Linda said.
“What?” the old man said.
“Gerald Jr.,” Linda yelled into the phone.
Christine started giggling loudly. Linda slipped her hand over the mouth
piece of the phone.
“Quiet,” Linda said in a motherly tone.
“He can’t hear you or me,” Christine laughed.
Linda shot her a dirty look.
“TALK TO GERALD JR.,” Linda yelled into the phone.
Christine’s laughter got louder. Linda shook her head no at Christine.
“WHAT?” the old man shouted into the phone. Linda yanked the phone
away from her ear with a grimace.
“Why is it when someone can’t hear, they shout too? He’s the one with the
hearing problem. Well, if he keeps shouting you’re going to be deaf too,”
Christine laughed rudely.
Linda giggled and then shot Christine a dirty look.
“GERALD JR.,” Linda shouted again. She yanked the phone from her ear
as soon as she finished speaking.
“WHERE?” He screamed into the phone.
Christine could hear him from where she was. Linda and Christine laughed
really loud. Linda didn’t even bother to cover the phone.
“SPEAK WITH GERALD!” Linda yelled into the phone.
“LICK IT WHO!” the confused man answered.
Christine and Linda were laughing so hard they had tears rolling down their
“You’re such a bitch. You’re just teasing the old man,” Christine laughed
as walked up next to Linda.
Christine got closer to the phone and started breathing heavily into it. Linda
was trying to push her away. She was having a hard time keeping her away
because the phone cord was so short.
“STOP IT!” Linda yelled at Christine.
“Oh God, I’m going to pee myself,” Christine said.
“TOPLESS WHAT!” the man said.
“GET AWAY FROM ME! I hope you pee all over yourself,” Linda said
as she pulled the phone away from Christine. Christine struggled with Linda
to keep her ear next to the phone.
“WHO THE HELL IS THIS?” a different man asked.
Linda and Christine’s eyes bugged out at each other.
“Is this Mr. Smith Jr.?” Linda asked with a cringe.
“YES and who is this, for the last time,” the new man said sternly.
“It’s Linda, sir,” Linda said sheepishly.
“Did you just call and tell my dad to pee on himself?” Gerald Jr. asked in
an unbelieving tone.
Christine covered her mouth with both hands and walked away very quickly.

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