Monday, October 26, 2009

Our Vacation!!

Just a quick run down of the trip! On Monday, we went to Universal Studios. WOW! It was great and they have a new coaster called Rockit. For all coaster enthusiasts, this is a must. The above picture is of the Mummy ride and it was great. And I got a free week ticket for Universal so I was in cheap heaven. I thought it was a great bargain for $99, you get a ticket that is good for a week and you can use it at both parks. The staff was super friendly, too. It's a much better deal than Disney but no matter what you still have to visit Magic Kingdom. It's a must if you go to FL, it may be the law.

-->On Tuesday, we went to Magic Kingdom. I couldn't believe that I was able to do two parks in two days. I was quite pleased with myself. And because it was the middle of October, the park was pretty empty. I think the longest we waited for a ride was 20 minutes. Bonus! And it was Den's birthday so he got in for free. He wore a birthday button and all the employees wished him happy birthday. He is shy but I think he liked it because he wore the button all day. People were calling out his name all day and stopping him, it was kind of like being married to a rock star for the day!

-->Wednesday, Den visited one of his friends that he used to work with. He has a strange form of lymphoma. It is triggered by cold weather. It is very odd but the doctors seem to have it under control. The kids and I stayed by the pool all day. It was so hot that it broke records. I couldn't ask for anything better. And since my brother is going to golf school in FL, we got to see him too. The above picture is from Thursday, when we went to Universal's Island of Adventure. It was another great park. We will be going back. All I can say is WOW, Universal has definitely has stepped it up. I was really impressed.

-->Friday our last day, we went to Ron Jon's bought some souvenirs and a body board.

-->The kids forgot to wear their suits and had to change in the trunk. And the kicker is, there was an officer in the parking lot watching and didn't have a problem with us putting our kids in the trunk and closing the lid. Just as long as we had money in the meter, it was all good! We had a great time body surfing and we all decided that we wanted to live on the beach. Not a bad dream!
I missed you all so much, thanks for not forgetting about me!

Love to all,


slugmama said...

I'm guessing you finally got through to some clown at blogger and recovered some of your old blog posts....yay!
Reliving your vacation again is nice but it makes me long for a vacation, as I didn't get one this year. Well, unless you count driving back and forth to camp, #1 son's college or to my brother's funeral. Not a good summer here.
I am SO READY for a fun trip!!!
Take me to FL next wait!...I don't like florida. Never mind.lolol

SonyaAnn said...

slugmama-No I luckily saved my posts. I don't even think that there is a real person working at blogger! No one has answered me yet, its all automated. Not real impressed with them but what do I expect for free!
I'm sorry about you having a terrible summer and I'm sorry about your brother. I hope that some good comes your way! You deserve it.