Thursday, October 8, 2009


Good news, we got a ReStore store. ReStore is run by Habitat for Humanity and collects and sells new and used building materials but I'm sure that you already knew this.
Anywho, remember our garage door debacle. I have managed to save up $750 to replace it but I have been dragging my feet on getting it or should I say dragging Den's feet since he is the one that is going to be doing it. It looks like the $750 might be on the low side for a new door. Sure, we could get a really cheap door but it looks like we will never escape this house so why not fix it up, sort of, nice. I luckily found the ReStore so that may be the way that we are going to go. We went and talked to the manager and he said if we can wait about a month they should be getting some in. They are reorganizing now so they have room for bigger things like the garage doors. Now all we have to do is hope and pray that the old door will make it a bit longer.
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