Monday, October 12, 2009

Something Different

Since I'm gone this week I'm going to take a few excerpts from my book. Just my disclaimer, I am not the greatest author and my editing sucks but it still feels like Christmas when I hold the book. I hope you like it. And I miss you, guys. I'm sure that we are fighting like cats and dogs and I'm gripping about going all the way to Florida to fight. And that we should have saved the money and fought at home, sounds about right!

Just to make sense of it all
Linda is the mom
Jenny is Linda's daughter
Christine is Linda's best friend
Kate is Christine's daughter
That may have made it worse!!!

“Yes! You two are really being bad tonight. The noise is back in the
bathroom! I was under the sink putting the toys away and I could hear that noise
coming from the pipes under the sink. REMEMBER!” Jenny said.
“No, I don’t think I heard anything,” Christine answered.
“You don’t think at all. Ha ha,” Linda joked.
Jenny just shook her head. It was like listening to an old married couple
sometimes. Linda and Christine had even lost Kate’s interest. Kate got a few
baby dolls and went back to sitting on the couch and watching cartoons. Jenny
decided to see if she could hear the noise in the kitchen. Her mom and Christine
had finished cleaning up the kitchen and everything was back in place. Too bad
mom didn’t try so hard to keep our house as neat, Jenny thought. She
walked over to the sink. Jenny flipped on the faucet. No noise. She opened the
cabinet under the sink and listened. All she could hear was the rushing noise
of the draining water. She stood back up and shut the water off. She listened
again under the sink with the water off. Nothing.
She walked back to the front room where her mom and Christine had
managed to get on the couches. They were both sitting with their feet propped
up with full glasses of wine. They both seemed a little more sober. I guess
being snatched bald in a couple of spots will sober you up, Jenny thought.
“Mom, it’s not making that noise in the kitchen. What do you think it is?”
Jenny asked.
“Well, we decided that we aren’t plumbers, but we think that it might have
something to do with water pressure. It seems to keep happening when you
run a couple of faucets at a time. I think the whole city gets it water from large
wells, so maybe they are going dry. It is probably happening all over town,”
Linda suggested in a surprisingly sober tone.
Jenny just smiled and nodded. She went back to the bathroom to finish
cleaning up. She wasn’t done investigating yet. When she got back in the
bathroom she turned the sink back on. No noise from the faucet or under the
sink. She left the water running and walked over to the tub. She turned on the
tub faucet. No noise. She shut the tub faucet off and walked back over and shut
the sink off too.
So much for your theory, mom, Jenny thought to herself.
Jenny wiped off the bathroom sink with the hand towel and then hung it back
up. She walked over to the bathtub to drain the tub. She reached down and
pulled the plug out. The screeching high pitched whistle started as soon as the
plug left the tub. The noise reverberated through Jenny’s skull. Still stooped
over, she stared at the tub drain as she held her ears. Jenny watched as a red
eye peered back at her from the drain hole. Jenny blinked hard trying to clear
the vision from her eyes. She wasn’t seeing things, it was still there. A gray
bony transparent hand quickly reached for her. She was far enough back that
it just made a quick swipe at her and vanished back down the drain. Jenny
threw herself backward. The sound died down but over the screeching noise
she thought she heard someone screaming for help.
I’ve gone mad, Jenny thought to herself. Just then Christine and her mom
came in the bathroom. Jenny stood perfectly still and stared at the drain. All
color had left her face and she was taking shallow breaths.

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