Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Coach Purses

Alright I can tell what your thinking when you read the title, what the hell kind of money saving blog is this. I know I would think the same thing. But wait, I have a great money saving story. We spend $50 on each person in our family. It is a bit much and we usually spend about $1200 a year on Christmas between family and friends. But I buy throughout the year and we love giving great gifts. We saved our Christmas money from last year and some of our stimulus check to cover it this year. But you have to realize that we have over 44 people to buy for. I went after Christmas last year to Cracker Barrel and bought Christmas tea pots on clearance for this year. So we try to get as much for our money as possible. And that $1200 includes all the money for cookies, spice jars for 20 people(people at work not included in the 44) that Dennis works with and the tree. But still $1200 is still a lot and I know this so I don't need hate mail.
Last night we were on our way to Woodman's to do our monthly grocery shopping and I saw the Coach outlet store. So we swung in to see what they had. I figured that there would be nothing that we could afford to get the women on our list but I was so wrong. They had a bunch of purses market down and then 50% off the lowest price. I could of jumped around. Two purses were $149 each and the other two were $159 each and I ended up paying $42.10 for each purse. Jump up and down with me. So instead of spending $50 on each person I spent $42.10 and I can't wait to see how excited they are to get an actual Coach purse. I look like a big spender and I made Den buy one for me for Christmas so he is done shopping. I'm a very happy camper.
I'm actually looking forward to Christmas this year and that hasn't happened in a long time. Maybe I'm just not buying good enough gifts.
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