Monday, August 10, 2009

DJ'S room redo

For some reason, I think we look like nut jobs. We are not gun enthusiasts or enjoy hunting. In fact, we are quite the opposite. We bring in strays and try to save everything and everybody we can. But for some reason, our house doesn't reflect that. The few pictures I have posted make us look like all we love are guns and knives. Not so! Maybe I should post pictures of the rest of the house just to prove we aren't survivalists or something. But anyways, DJ's room is exactly the way that he wanted it. And so far all the men and boys that have seen it have gone crazy over it. Den and I just believe that it's paint and we can change it in a day. (Meaning Den will paint again) And we have redone Anna's room 6 times in 14 years. I just want them to grow up and have wonderful memories. All I will remember is painting and dreading the next idea Anna will have for her room! Anyways, here are the pictures. The only thing missing is the new carpet and it should be here in about a week. If you don't remember what his room looked like before click here. Oh and so you know that I haven't strayed from my cheap ways. Grandma Donna and Papa (my in laws) are paying for everything but the carpet. And DJ is paying for the carpet out of his savings.
And the good thing about this room is if he gets tired of it, we can just take the decorations out and everything else is neutral.
The camo netting is a cover for the couch. It folds down into a full sized bed. And the cover is a blanket.
The bullet holes are just window clingys. So they will come down without taking off the paint.
Those aren't real hand guns. They are pellet guns and they don't have the CO2 cartridges in them. And the rifle is a Mott family heirloom. It is real but hasn't worked in 20-30 years.

And that's a close up of the bullet holes. We are weird! But when he is grown, I hope that he will look back and smile.
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