Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!

I hope that you are all having a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope that you wore stretch pants today and that you still have room in them. That is really the best wish for all of us.
Just a reminder, if your are going shopping tomorrow you might want to look up everything tonight. So if you haven't joined swag bucks yet, now would be a great time. I'm doing really well with it. I'm making about $5 a week and that is a ton for a cheapy like me. Or should I say cheep cheep! Ok I'm a dork! So Hint, hint! If you use my link, I will love you even more!
Thanks for stopping over,


A.Marie said...

$5.00 a week!! How are you doing that? I would love to get that much per week!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving...I am going to have leftover pie for breakfast. Yum Yum!! :)

SonyaAnn said...

A.Marie-I hope you had a great turkey day.
Get a couple referrals, that's how I'm getting so much $. And its sad to think that I think $5 is a lot/

kado! said...

I was wondering where the HECK you had been...I just figured busy like me...then today I went to click on your blog to leave you a little message...and what??? not there?? I never had your e-mail because it was not linked to your comments...(which sucks...because everytime i went to respond to one of your never worked!) So i did not know how to find you..then I saw you had left a comment on McVals I tracked you down that way! Ha! You can't lose me that easily!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

i read back a bit but don't clearly understand? did you accidentally delete your old blog? because I think I remember that blogger saves your old URL address for 30 days incase you want to come back to it?

SonyaAnn said...

kado!-I'm such a twit with an a. I deleted the entire thing. If you know how to get a hold of an actual person at blogger I will kiss you!! In a good way or bad way which ever you prefer. They keep it but the problem is I couldn't get a hold of anyone to undelete it. So I tried to restart it with the same name and that is the point where it got all screwed up, so here we are. UGH, I need a drink. Who am I kidding I need a bottle. I'm trying to reload everything and then go get everyone back. But thanks for missing me I feel like a rock star!!