Monday, December 14, 2009

Donna's 60th shindig!

My mother in law just turned 60 and we threw a party for her. She really didn't want a party but we went all out for my father in law so we would have looked pretty bad if we did nothing for her. So anyways, we threw a "Barthday purty" for her. She is from the south and wanted something fun. I thought that it might be a bit offensive but she said it wasn't because she was from the south. Everyone had fun and Den's uncle came as Larry the Cable Guy. We took some pictures but it was so dark that only a few came out.
We had a basket of peanuts, moon pies and cow tails on every table.
That's Anna and DJ with their cousin Laura.
This is the outhouse that Donna made from a refrigerator box. We told her we would make everything but she wanted too make the stuff. She said it was fun and kind of took over. But it worked out better that way because I'm not creative at all.
She even made a back drop for pictures(that didn't come out). She painted an old house on four large poster boards. She even made the feed bags. I did help her but not enough.
There's DJ in the shitter.

And another picture of the house. This was a super cheap party because everything was used or we(Donna) made. I hope that I didn't offend anyone, Donna's family loved it. We even had people peaking their heads in just to see all of the decorations.
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A.Marie said...

How AWESOME! I love the outhouse! Who got to keep it? She sounds like a fun-lovin gal! Can I invite her to my next birthday party! :)

You did a great job and I'm sure no one was offended. I love watching Paula Deen on TV, and her accent is what makes it so enjoyable. I can just hear her say "Barthday." :)

McVal said...

What a great idea for a party! My MIL would be offended... but that's just her. She's offended by everything... She's from the South and can't stand the twang from Oh Brother Where Art Thou, so every time it's on, we turn it up real loud...
That's so cool everyone pitched in and helped put together such an awesome party! In weather like I"m having, I'm awfully glad we don't have an outhouse!!!

slugmama said...

As a GRITS gal(GRITS=Girls Raised In The South)I think the party ya'll threw was a hoot!
It looks like everyone had a real downhome foot stompin' time....sho' '

All I want to say is....Where the heck is the RC Cola???
No true southern would EVAH eat a Moon Pie without an RC Cola to wash it down! ;-) It's like eatin' black eyed peas without greens, or a porch without a hound dog.

SonyaAnn said...

A.Marie-Actually, one of our waitresses wanted it for her mother. She said that her and her sister were hosting a party for their mom and they couldn't come up with a theme. We gave them most of it.
No one seemed offended and everyone thought it was great. It was the best party so far. It was relaxed and loud. It wasn't stuffy so it was great.

SonyaAnn said...

McVal-My mother would have been offended if we threw a party like that for her. But then there isn't much that would make her happy.
I think its funny that you turn O' Brother Where Art Thou up. Den loves that movie.
It would suck to have to run out to pee in a blizzard. We are so spoiled!

SonyaAnn said...

slugmama- I wanna be a grits girl. I make really good sausage gravy and sweet tea at least according to my MIL. So I think that is about the best compliment that I can get.
OMG, do you have any idea how hard it is to find RC in a glass bottle up here? I looked for weeks and I'm not kidding! I had to settle for Coke. Bummer but it was the best I could do and those were actually in Spanish. That should tell you how hard I had to look.
You are funny!

Pam said...

I'm from the South and I think it's funny. I don't like moon pies though. I must be a closet Northerner.

sonya2317 said...

Pam-I'm not a fan of moon pies either. And Hey, I have always thought of myself as a closet southerner.