Monday, November 30, 2009

Shroud of Torin

So often I think TMI. Why do I even bother to tell you the worthless crap that is going on in my life? Really, I wouldn't want to hear about it. But I just keep typing and you just keep coming back. Maybe something is wrong with all of us. Scary. Anyways, this is the shroud of Torin. You would think that something this precious would be locked away but no I have it. My dear husband, I lovingly refer to him as smart ass, named my towel. Yes, this is the towel that I wrap my clean hair in. Smart ass said that it has a thread count of 3 but I disagree. I feel that it is more of a woobie than a string. It's light and airy and it doesn't hurt my neck from the weight. So I'm thinking about asking for a hairdini for Christmas. I have cheap issues.
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Friday, November 27, 2009

Friends Friday!

I just wanted to say thank you all for finding me. You are all my friend on this Friday. Have a great weekend!
Love and gratitude,
If you are going shopping today, I hope you find some great deals!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!

I hope that you are all having a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope that you wore stretch pants today and that you still have room in them. That is really the best wish for all of us.
Just a reminder, if your are going shopping tomorrow you might want to look up everything tonight. So if you haven't joined swag bucks yet, now would be a great time. I'm doing really well with it. I'm making about $5 a week and that is a ton for a cheapy like me. Or should I say cheep cheep! Ok I'm a dork! So Hint, hint! If you use my link, I will love you even more!
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Weird Wednesday!


I'm having a hard time finding just wicked clips so I'm going to change it up a bit and add some weird clips in there too! Have a great hump day!!
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Disaster Preparedness

As some of you have noticed, I'm not one for a cheery outlook. I try to be upbeat but in the end it gets all messed up and then I come here to complain and you all pick me up. Seriously, who needs therapy when I have all of you. I know that I haven't been posting but that was pouting and a slight helping of depression. Don't tell my doctor about the depression because he would give me a laxative and put me in the psych ward. Anyways, the only good thing out of this is the fact that I backed everything up. It made it so much easier to get started. Remember all of the hours it took you just to get the lay out right. We all work so hard just to make it appealing. All the effort that we have all invested in our little world gone in a flash. UGH, typical! I learned the importance of backing everything up after my computer deleted a few dozen pages of my book. Just to let you know if that ever happens to you, it is perfectly acceptable to bang your head on the bed for as long as you want!
So my tip for the day is take a few minutes today and save everything to your hard drive and then disk or flash drive. Not only the articles but all the important info on your links. I like to save everything to my yahoo bookmarks as an added layer of protection(my cyber condom). That way if I lose the entire computer, I will at least be able to get to everything on line. If for some reason, I lose my yahoo account and my computer, I will still have everything on disk to get me started again. Trust me, I'm speaking from experience, there is no such thing as over kill in an emergency!
Thanks for sticking by me,

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thank You

I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to McVal for sending me these wonderful cookies. You really helped me. I guess I'll stick around for a while. I consider myself very luck to have you as a friend. God help you.
Much thanks,

I will rebuild

So I destroyed one of the things that I truly love. The old blog was nothing but good to me and I killed it. I was so mad at myself that I thought about throwing in the towel. Really, really! All that time and effort gone with the click of a button. It wasn't even the money that I lost(Yup, all my google money) it was the fact that it would take me forever to find all of you again. And then explain what a jackass I was. I can deal with embarrassment(as you all know if you have read any of my stories I pretty much live there). Anna was right about everyone that I loved would find me. I missed all of you and I missed writing. You would think that I would be sick of it. I write at the blog and I'm pushing 400 pages in my next book. I'm weird!
I know that I haven't posted much since my disaster but that is about to change. I'm going to rebuild and it going to be better than the first one. I guess practice makes perfect. So pardon the dust and lets see what kind of monster I can create! I just wonder if the six million dollar man had a bionic pee-pee!
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Friday, November 20, 2009


Every time I think I have something figured out, I screw it up. So first I would like to say sorry to everyone for all of the posts that have been sent to you because you subscribed to me!! UGH! Any ideas? I do want to reload everything but I'm not going to make you miserable because you know me. Why are you even friends with me?
Much love,
The stupid one

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Still trying!

Between my pouting and not wanting to believe that I did something so stupid, I'm slow to get started!! I promise(Francis) that I will be up and running by next week! So for now please, LOOK LEFT and subscribe to A Mom, Money, and More 2! That way you will know when I do post something!
I also have a new email address

Love you all!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Being Special

I'm alive and unmolested! Damn it! But I'm still sitting in the special section. It's very lonely here, I have the bleachers to myself.
Well, I deleted my blog. This was not intentional at all but in the end it is my mistake. I was trying to delete a test blog that I was using to help a friend and when I deleted it, EVERYTHING went with it. And yes, I cried. And yes, I missed you.
So the lesson in all of this is DON'T MAKE A MISTAKE ON BLOGGER! You get what you pay for and blogger is free. They don't have anyone to help you. They have a message board and I would say 90% of the peoples desperate pleas go unanswered. If you ever make a mistake, come see me if I haven't screwed up again and I'll help you. And never close the page, ever. If anyone out there knows a way to get a hold of an actual person at blogger, I will do anything for you. And I mean anything especially the naughty stuff.
I miss you terrible.
Love to all,