Thursday, January 28, 2010

Santa's Secret!

I keep forgetting to post these! Sorry! CVS had there Christmas stuff 90% off a while back, it was about gone but I managed to snag a few things. I paid $3.17 for all of these. Wouldn't it just be wonderful if everything we needed was 90% all the time.
My gift closet is about packed, I'm so happy. Just what am I going to do when I find more stuff! I think next year I'm going to have to work on not only cutting back on the money we spend but also on the size of the things we buy. So my OOP for the year is $18.83. The good thing is I'm pretty sure I know who is getting what now. Thank you, slugmama! I'll keep you posted but it will probably take me a while to remember. 8-)
Thanks for stopping over,


A.Marie said...

YAY for you! :)

btw: How is DJ doing?

slugmama said...

That is great!
Now how many giftees are done?
What is your average per giftee cost so far?
The OCD numbers gal in me needs to know!lolol

And like AMarie said, how is DJ?

SonyaAnn said...

A.Marie-I know, I'm all happy!
DJ is completely fine. He almost dies and then it is completely over. Just like it never happened. He just needs a bit of sleep. We have done this dozens of times but this was the worst one yet. It's just best not to get upset about it because it will happen again, unfortunately! Thank you for caring.

SonyaAnn said...

slugmama- OCD gal, that is super funny! I'm trying to get caught up and then I'm going to try and write about it. I think, I have half the people done so we are doing pretty good. I "lost" Tuesday so I'm not quite back in the groove yet. I did realize that I'm so much healthier than before. A year ago, this mess with DJ would have left me bedridden for a day or two. Now, I just get some sleep and I'm up and running again. I never knew how sick I was until I got better. If I find a minute or two, I'll post something about DJ's great adventure. Thank you so much for all of you concern with me and my family, I feel the love.

Frances said...

Hi, SonyaAnn!! Cute gifts! Just make a list and assign them all!

SonyaAnn said...

Frances-I'm working on it. I have a list but I haven't updated the computer list with the one in my purse. I'm a mess.
Have a happy Friday!

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas said...

Crazy-cool stash! Really cute stuff at an amazing price. Way to go!

SonyaAnn said...

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas-Thank you and happy Friday!

kado! said...

i would LOVE it if everything was always 90% off...that would be my idea of Heaven!!!!

SonyaAnn said...

kado!-You and me both! How about houses 90% off!