Monday, February 1, 2010

A Day In The Life

It is always such an adventure in this house! Sorry it has taken almost a week to post about this adventure but I fell behind. And please know that I would never make light of severe allergies or a life and death situation, this is just the way that I see things! So on with the show.............
DJ woke me up somewhere around 12:30 am Tuesday. Den had fallen asleep on the couch and being the good wife that I am, I left him. I did set the alarm on my phone and set it next to his head. After 15 years of marriage, this is romantic and loving as we get. Anyways, DJ wakes me up and says that he thinks he is having a allergic reaction. And this is where I spring into action. I should not be springing at this time of night or at my age. I got an adrenaline rush and then decided that I was having a heart attack. I'm too old for this kind of excitement! So, I get up and give him the meds his Dr gave him. Then I stare at him. Sounds odd and creepy but I have to make sure that the it is working. Thirty minutes later, it is not working and his lower lip turns black and is swelling. So I break out the big guns. I give him a double dose of Benadryl and 3 steroid pills. All of this was given to us by a specialist. He gave me instructions and I followed them. I keep all of the supplies for the really bad reactions together and labeled. Sounds good so far, not! DJ has had at least a dozen reactions since his first one in 2nd grade and only once have we had to go to the ER.
Now it is about 1:15am and we are both tired. So, I say get into my bed and you can sleep and I will watch you. Still creepy but he thinks it is a good idea. So, I flip on all the lights in my room and stare at him. He starts to dose off and he looks a bit better. His mouth isn't black anymore but his lip is a bit swollen. His face is red and he is covered in itchy welts but I can see that he is on the up swing. So I start to relax a bit. I should have known better! DJ wakes up and tells me that he has a terrible stomach ache. It is so common that I don't think anything of it. And then he farts(he is going to kill me if he reads this) Oh dear lord! I gagged. He put every gassy man to shame. And me gagging made him laugh really hard. But then it would start to hurt again. So it went like this......moan....fart...giggle and then repeat. I had to turn the ceiling fan on and open the doors, it got so bad. And all it did was waft through out the house. It is terrible to say but at that point I was sorry I brought him in my bed.
Then it happened, DJ sort of rolls half /falls off the bed and he drug my comforter and sheets with him. He grabs his stomach and threw up. In my life, I have never ever seen someone puke like that. It sprayed on the bed, the dog bed(luckily the farts scared the dog off and he didn't get puked on) and my comforter and sheets. YUCK! I grab him and try to run him to the bathroom. Not happening! He is a big boy and I just can't man handle him like I used to. I try and push his head down so it goes on the floor. NOPE, he stands straight up and pukes about 5 feet out the door and into the hall. I've never seen anyone this sick before, ever. This was the point where I decided that I was beyond any Dr Mom knowledge that I had. All that was left was the Epi-pen and 911. The problem with the Epi-pen is, it can very easily stop his heart. It was a terrible choice but I decided against it.
I shove DJ in the bathroom and I hear SPLAT. Great! I ran down stairs, screaming for Den to get up and call 911. I give hDen one violent shove and turn and run back up the stairs. Den calls out "what is it?" I scream back "it's him!" I should have been a bit more descriptive because poor Den thought we had an intruder and was heading upstairs to get the gun. I can't even imagine how scary it was for him to think that someone was upstairs. Sorry, Den! He figured it out pretty quick when got upstairs, though. He got a quick run down of what was going on and called 911. Anna comes out of her bedroom. She heard the tail end of what I had told Den and she was worried. Being the wonderful and comforting mom that I am, I yelled at her not to come in the hall and get dressed!
I hear another splat, I don't think he made it once in the toilet. I look in the bathroom. For the love of all things good and holy, I have never seen anything like it in my life. I wanted to go help him but it just wasn't going to happen. So I threw him a towel and got some clothes on real quick. So, DJ hears Den and panics. He didn't want to go to the hospital. He rushes to the bathroom door and calls out, "Don't call 911, I'm fin........." he didn't even finish it because he turned around and puked on the wall, the towel, and into the floor vent. Yay, the heat kicked on!
At this point, DJ is just flat out mad. When I get sick or anyone else that I have ever met gets sick, we whimper and moan about puking. He gets angry, which is so out of character for him. He always has manners and is in a good mood. Not this day. Next thing I hear is DJ say, "Jesus Chris......" Well, the dear Lord didn't like him even trying to use his name in vain and made him puke out his nose. He had a running commentary going while puking. "Just great, just great, I'm PUKING out my nose!" SPLAT! "Hey, do I have to go to the hospital in PUKE covered clothes?" "Ummmm, no son. When have I ever made you go anywhere covered in throw up?" So he starts to leave the bathroom. Nope, he trashed my room, the hall, and the bathroom. I wasn't even going to give him a chance at his room. I call to him to stay put. I toss him some clean jammies and he changes.
There is a knock at the door and it is two Antioch police officers. Thank God! They walk into the house and their noses curl slightly. Can't say as I blamed them. Between the farts and the puke, it was ungodly. If you had brought a dead skunk into my house and lit it on fire, it would have been an improvement. And I'm not kidding!
Then I notice that one of the officers was the one that came to my house when we were getting threatening phone calls. You remember, when that guy called and said he wanted to do terrible things to my husband's butt! Literally, he called and said that he wanted his sweet ass. Could we be anymore white trash?
The officer's look him over and looked terribly worried. To make them feel better, I told them that this is an improvement. For some reason, I didn't make them feel better.
DJ is still mad but he is being polite with the officers just not me. He looks at me and says, "Do you have any idea how horrible it is to have puke in your nose?" "Ummmm no, I have no idea." I reply. "Every time I breathe, I smell it! Could I at least have some gum?" Den tosses him an entire pack. No one wanted to get too close to the poor thing.
The good news is the ambulances pulled up and spared me any more humiliation. I grabbed DJ by the arm and brought him right to the ambulance door. Have I mentioned that it is $750 for an ambulance ride and they brought two rigs? Sorry, the frugal side of me was panicking.
They hooked him up to an IV but that was all they could do for him because he already had so many meds in him. He even got the full treatment, the siren and the lights.
Everyone was so wonderful, the officers, the EMTs and everyone at the hospital. The care was stellar.
The good news is they checked DJ's heart a few times and said that he thought he could handle the Epi-pen. Good to know! So now if his lip swells or his face turns red, I get to stab him with the Epi-pen. I just have to catch him first!
From there on out, it was smooth sailing. They watched him for a few hours and released him. We came home and cleaned up puke for a few hours and then took showers in the other bathroom.
It was just another day in the neighborhood!
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A.Marie said...

Oh UGH!!!! How Horrible for all of you, especially DJ!!!!

I will have to say that I've never, ever had one of my kids be THAT sick....I hope that they never are!

Here is a big hug for you:


Take care of yourself!!


Annie Jones said...

I'm glad is wasn't as serious as it sounded and that DJ was ok.

But man did I laugh at the idea of burning skunk flesh being an improvement. :D

SonyaAnn said...

A.Marie-That was such a disaster! Whenever you see a movie & someone is puking and it doesn't look like it is humanly possible to throw up that much. I'm here to say that it is and I cleaned up after it.
Thanks for coming to see me!

SonyaAnn said...

Annie Jones-I never want to do that again. And he said the same thing. I think that the steroids made it worse. Not sure, the whole thing is a guessing game because they have never been able to find out what sets him off. The worst ones are when he wakes up in the middle of the night. ?
I was so embarrassed about the smell. Ugh, and it had to be the same cop that came here when his Aunt and convict were threatening to rape Den. My life is a clusterfuck!

Nancy said...

SonyaAnn, you need to warn people to first do these things BEFORE reading your life story posts!
1. Go pee because if you don't you'll wet your drawers.

2. Do not drink any type of carbonated soda while reading - it burns when it spews up thru your nose.

3. Drink other liquids at your own risk because you will spew it all over your screen as you are reading.

4. Last - don't eat anything - you'll be laughing so hard you'll choke.

Glad DJ's okay - I know the feeling with asthma and allergies it's a pain.

Take care and stop by the ranch for a visit sometime.

kado! said...

so what the heck was the reaction from???

that sounds horrible to go thru!!! I am so glad he is OK now! Wow!

...our insurance charges us $50 for a ambulance ride...i actually called for one once because I knew I'd get faster service then having to wait in line at the ER...i recommend it actually!

SonyaAnn said...

Nancy-I'm glad you liked it! Poor DJ, this has been going on for years. We both have allergies and asthma.We were told that he would out grow this but it doesn't seem like this is going to happen. They also said that puberty can make it worse. Great!
I'll be by in a bit to see you!

SonyaAnn said...

kado!-This has been going on for years and we still aren't sure. It is either red dye(which they can't test for) or when he gets a virus. But we had H1N1(I think) and he didn't have a reaction. It is just really bad at night. It may be that he is sleeping though some of the very first stages. He is always a worry!
Our craptastic insurance likes to deny claims just for the fun of it. So my guess is this will be denied too. Even though a reaction like this is considered life and death. I'm sure that I will write about when I get the denial!
Thank you for the concern!

Linda said...

All I can say is WOW! Now thats a story! I'm glad DJ is ok! I think I would get sick myself just watching that! I'm almost getting sick just reading it! Hehe!
Hope this week goes better!

Donna said...

Oh, man. That's awful. I'm sorry he was sick and sorry that you had to clean it up.
Tell him that next time you're gonna tape a plastic bag to his mouth. Or make him wait outside for the ambulance.

SonyaAnn said...

Linda-Gross story but unfortunately it's my life! I can hoestly say that I have never cleaned up a mess like that EVER! Den said that it was like a crime scene.

SonyaAnn said...

Donna-Funny you should say about taping a bag to his face. He was so worried about puking in the oxygen mask he had on!

GardenDesigner said...

Oh my Gosh!
I Just woke my hubby up from laughing so hard at your post!!

( I really not that bad of a person! I certainly hope he is ok! )
I have not giggled SO HARD at a blog in five years!!

Its so nice to read about someones real life!!
Thanks for sharing! and for stopping by my blog too!
Keep in touch! ... Im still laughing!


SonyaAnn said...

GardenDesigner-DJ is completely fine and it is alright to laugh! He just flips out every once in a while and does this.
I'm so glad that we found each others blogs.
Please tell your husband that I'm sorry but he is lucky not to live in a nut house like this!

Frances said...

OMG! Poor DJ! My apologies to DJ, because I would never laugh at an allergic reaction, but I DID laugh at your documentation of it.

Your poor family! Only you could make all that sound hilarious.

(I have done that projectile vomitting and it is NOT fun!)

SonyaAnn said...

Frances-I thought for sure that he threw up all of his bodily fluids. I figured that he was going to shrivel up like a raisin. But no, it is possible to puke 20 gallons and live! Who knew?