Monday, February 1, 2010

A Favor for Donna Freedman

We all know what a compassionate and true frugal expert Donna Freedman is and she needs our help! She may be writing a column about online surveys.
This is what she is interested in...
"I'm looking for folks to interview about why they do it, how much they earn, whether the cash is strictly mad money or is used for a specific goal such as snowflaking a debt or building an emergency fund. I'd also like your tips/advice to others who are thinking about doing this.
My balances add up pretty slowly. I think it's because I'm too boring to be included in most of the surveys. But the money *does* add up eventually. I'm thinking that shortly before the holidays would be a good time to cash in."
Please contact her at smartspending (at) live(dot) com. It would also be appreciated if you could post this on your blog.
Thank you so much!!!

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