Friday, February 19, 2010

Friend's Friday!

My Fridays friend and booger is ............ Jennifer from Eastern Mom's Cents. She is quite interesting has has some wonderful recipes on her blog.
Have a great Friday,


Pam said...

I love recipes. I'll have to check her out.

McVal said...

I'll have to check her out too! I LOVE a good recipe! Congrats Jennifer!

SonyaAnn said...

Pam-Thank you for coming to see me! Have a great weekend!

SonyaAnn said...

McVal-Have a great Friday!

Jennifer said...

Thank you SonyaAnn! All this snow and the lack of melting is getting me down but I keep reminding myself Spring will eventually get here. Thanks for adding some cheer to my day.

SonyaAnn said...

Jennifer-I'm glad that I brightened you day!
Have a great weekend!

Frances said...

I went to visit. I like her blog.

Thanks for the recommendation.

SonyaAnn said...

Frances-You're welcome!
Have a great weekend.

GardenDesigner said...

Hey Girl!!
How was your weekend??
Mine was creative... I redid my kitchen for 100.00!!
Pretty cool I think!! Its not finished but I will post when I get a chance to tidy up the loose ends!!

Keep smilin!!


SonyaAnn said...

GardenDesigner-My weekend was pretty uneventful! Thank goodness.
I can't wait to see your kitchen, hurry up and finish it!

GardenDesigner said...

As far as the clean-up went... Weellllll....
Funny you should ask!!! ha!
it took me three days!!! and not any help...sorry to say... everyone went back to work, and back to school and poor little alice (Thats me) had to clean up the rabbit hole all by herself....
(can you tell i was a bit miffed?) LOL oh well , i am already designing the next party for this summer so it couldn't have been THAT bad right?

I really do like to entertain, and I dont like to run around a party picking up things all night behind people! I just like to be there having fun and talking, dancing giggling! Thats what a real party is to me!
What do you think? I didnt spend much on this either... I just recycled junk I had stuffed in my artroom, and everyone else brought the sweets, and
plenty of drinks!
.....ok Im done.. novella complete... Ha

SonyaAnn said...

GardenDesigner-We have had quite a few parties of our own and I HATE the clean up! Yuck. And I somehow manage to get to do it by myself. I wonder why. Everyone scatters and I end up pissed.
I loved the pictures. It has got to be a wonderful place to live and grow up.