Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Flavor to ask

We have been working on Anna's college FAFSA. I think that she is going to get about $8000 a year. That is just a guess because we haven't sat down with anyone from EIU yet. She is going to be working and we should get a tax deduction but we are still short. I'll give you all the numbers as soon as I get them. I will also try and post a complete list of everything that we buy/find for her room.
Anywho, we may end up living in a tent. We still need to "find" quite a bit of money and living in a tent is our last resort. If we do end up in tents, I plan on pitching mine as far away from my family as possible. We all need our space.
So back to my favor to ask, I'm going to try and put together and emergency meal plan. I know there are sites all over the web but I would prefer for it to come from my friends. If you have an "emergency meal" or two that you use when times get tough could you please give it to me. Email it to or leave it in the comments. I'll try them and then put it together in one post. I guess we should do 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, and 7 dinners. Even though, I think it would just be easier to do leftovers for lunch. I'll start with my $4.30 meal. I've got to clean today so it may take a while to answer you. Thank you.
And I bet you thought that I spelled favor wrong in the title. Get it? It's ok if you don't!
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Sheila said...

Good luck with the FAFSA and all. It was a pain when I did it for my first daughter. She didn't qualify but did get 2 loans totaling less than $5000. We are paying out of pocket for 2 kids to go to college right now--and paying on the school loans S got. She doesn't work--she has Asperger's, OCD and anxiety. It has taken her 6 years to get to graduation but she has finally done it.

SonyaAnn said...

I'm off to clean!

Beth said...

Haha! I get it only because I say that :) Financial worries suck. I would say for cheap meals go with making them out of eggs, rice and beans.

slugmama said...

If you want some ideas, go to my blog and search under "meal plan monday" or just "meal plan". It should bring up all my MPM posts that have my menus. Recently, I've been including cost breakdowns on my meals there. There should be some low cost ones. If you see an early meal w/out a spending breakdown, just email me and I'll go price it out for you.
A place where you can find an emergency menu is the ever popular one at the Hillbilly Housewife site.

When I get some time later, I'll sit down and come up with some suggestions. Since you always say you can't cook tho, I need to know a skill level you need this menu to be at....or is Den going to be cooking some still?

Since you are going to tenting it come the fall, I'd suggest hot dogs on stick over the

And don't tell me you haven't finished that FAFSA yet? tsk tsk tsk
Do I need to come over there and whip it out....;-)

Frances said...

SonyaAnn, you can't know how much Anna will get until you get the finaid offer from the school, or talk to the finaid dept. The only number I ever got from FAFSA was the EFC...Estimated Family Contribution. That is how much the family is expected to contribute.

And that number was NEVER what we had to contribute.

So, How are you coming up with that number?

As far as emergeny meals...I will have to think on that. We don't actually do those.

But I think Sluggie's suggestion of hotdogs on sticks is good. I LOVE hotdogs grilled over an open flame. Yummy!!

SonyaAnn said...

Sheila-I can't believe that you aren't living in a tent with two in school. We can bunk next to each other in the tent village!
Your daughter sounds like a very impressive person. Amazing!

SonyaAnn said...

Beth-"Financial worries suck." I hear you loud and clear!! Den and I are trying to come up with cutting things across the board.

SonyaAnn said...

slugmama-Thank you, I'll be over in a bit to copy you!
I go to the hilly billy house wife now and again. I'll have to get over there sooner than later.
Think simple person when you think of my skill in the kitchen. Not the bedroom just the kitchen. Den is the master in the kitchen. I'm a decent baker just not a cook. But I'm willing to try.
"Since you are going to tenting it come the fall, I'd suggest hot dogs on stick over the"-You are too funny!
And FAFSA is completely done but you are more than welcome to whip it out! You bad girl.

SonyaAnn said...

Frances-Well I got the official paper work, well an official estimate. She is getting $1600 from the government and $3000 from IL. It's $21000 for the year. She is going to work and we have about $100 a week to put at it. But it looks like we are short $6000 a year. She is going to take out loans, I just hate to see her in the hole before she even starts out.
I called the school and there isn't much we can do besides scholarships.
My FIL(the CPA) is looking over it tonight to see what we can do. We figured about $8000 in help because he has done FAFSA for other people and he said based on other people's income we should get that much. UGH, IL cut a lot of its funds and that is why it is so short.
It's fine, we like hot dogs on a stick. I just don't know if we can afford the stick.

kado! said...

sorry no ideas here, but I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

slugmama said...

SonyaAnn--If you are going to be that short with the college money, why not let Anna go to a local comm. college for a year or two. Then she can reapply and go to the $$$ school.
Now I KNOW this is NOT going to thrill Anna since she has her heart set on that school but it's a way to get the general credits she has to get(and that's mostly what you take the 1st yr. or 2)and get them cheaper. Plus she won't have the whole room & board costs thing and maybe you can still put money that would have been spent on that away on yrs. 1 & 2, for yrs. 3 & 4.
EIU will still be there in a year or two so why put everyone in the whole so much if you can avoid it?
This was our plan(1st yr or 2 at comm. college and then big honking expen$ive school for last years)if we could't swing the money for all 4 yrs. at pricey school. It is still our plan if something unexpected happens while they are in the attending years and the money is no longer there.
Another option is to have Anna delay college a yr. or 2, work and get an apt. with friends and save her money like crazy, then reapply but as someone financially on her own so she'll get tons more aid since they won't take your income into consideration. You will need to check on the rules for your state as they vary on how long the applicant needs to be on their own to qualify to apply independently of the parents money.
I feel for all of want to do what she wants but you need to keep from bankrupting your family too.
And you are right that the overabundance of aid just isn't there like it was in years past, even if you qualify for tons.

Frances said...

I agree with Sluggy. I don't think people should go in the hole for college costs.

When Samantha was a Senior in high school, she has her heart set on going to the University of Texas. She dreamed about it...talked about it all the time.

She received a letter from the University of Houston offerering her a hefty Academic Award and was going to throw it away. I suggested we hold on to it as a backup.

UT offered her $600 a semester.

She went to the University of Houston.....and has loved it.

While I don't know about the idea of taking time makes it really hard to go back...I do agree with going to a community college for the first 2 years to save money. Core classes are core classes, no matter where you go.

If she insists that she go to EIU, then SHE needs to take out the loans. While you may feel responsible to help pay for her college education, you are not responsible for the entire cost if she chooses the expensive route.

I am meaner than you. I did not think I was responsible for any of the cost of my kid's college. We helped her out in other ways, but I don't think anyone is OWED a college education.

SonyaAnn said...

kado!-A few good vibes will work just as well as a dinner idea!
Have a great weekend!

SonyaAnn said...

slugmama-You are right but I can't do it to her. She is going to take classes in the summer at the community college to help. But I can't tell her she can't go. We are closing the gap but I'm still worried. And my in laws have a college fund set up for both of the kids. I guess that I should have said that. Den and I are just trying not to get them involved. But I think that we will have to. We found out that the longer that she goes, the more money she will get. My guess is to why they do that is probably because more people drop out in the beginning so they give them less. One year and a half after she starts we should be able to cover it. I just need to bitch and moan a lot!

SonyaAnn said...

Frances-She is going to take out loans. I guess that I'm just complaining a lot because it can be a bit overwhelming. You see $21000 a year and panic. I just keep telling myself that others have done it and we will figure it out as they have.
Your daughter is super impressive! You did a great job!

Feeling Just Right said...

All the best with Anna. Being across the world, i'm clearly not of any help, but i'll make sure i put in a prayer for you today. Hugs.

SonyaAnn said...

Feeling Just Right-Well said and thank you!

Laura said...

Ugh. Filling out the FAFSA is pure hell. Four more years until we have to do it again. Good luck.

For some cheap meals:

SonyaAnn said...

Laura-Thank you for the recipes and the sympathy! And one more for stopping over!